image1 This is Misty, she is a 4 yr old female GSP.  Misty was diagnosed with Addison's last year which means she requires a shot every 28 days.  Her owner has been unable to get Misty her medication since April which is why Misty looks a bit pitiful in the picture.  Rescue has agreed to get her her needed shot on 7/27 so that Misty can start feeling better again.

We need a foster home for Misty, we need to get her medication stabilized and get her checked over.  If you can assist us with Misty please let us know asap as she is in dire need of proper vet care.  If you can help us with Misty pls email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Calendar Contest Is Happening Now


 These will be entries for the 2016 calendar!   We are using an outside company to run the contest this year so you will be uploading your photos directly onto the webpage and not sending them to us.  Also, the voting is instantaneous, as soon as you vote the votes are logged, no waiting.  The contest is through July 31, 2015.  Voting begins immediately as soon as you upload your picture.  Our prizes and rules are posted on the webpage. 

This fundraiser is helping 2 special girls in our program - Kacee and Katy.  You can read their stories on the contest webpage.  So pls, upload those pictures of your special GSPs and tell all your friends to vote!


 Do You Shop On Amazon?

If you are like many of us, you do a ton of shopping on Amazon.  Did you know that Amazon has an alternate site titled: ?

It has exactly the same products and prices, only Amazon donates .5% of the sales to a charity of your choice.  Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue is one of the available charities.

All you have to do is go to, choose your charity just one time, and shop as normal.   When you purchase items, a portion of the sales is donated to our rescue by Amazon.  It's very easy, try it out!



 Walk For Rescue!


 Click on the link above and it will take you to a webpage where you can download a walking application on your Smartphone.  Though Mid-Atlantic is not yet listed on the webpage, we are in the MD list on the phone application if you do a search.  For every mile you walk your dog this organization donates monies to the Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue.  Given so many of us walk our pups, why not support Rescue while you do it!