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Meet Jenny

Jenny is an 8 yr old solid liver lovely.  She is a sweet, sweet girl.  She is cat sharp, so no cats.  She likes to go to the dogpark but mostly pays attention to her person.

She can be possessive of food and attention.  So a solo home would be best.  Jenny has a lovely personality, not to mention she is beautiful......

Special Calendar Offer -

If you have purchased a 2015 calendar from us, you can buy additional ones for $5 each.  If you have not, the first calendar is $15 and then each additional calendar is $5.  Just click the "Donate" button, "Make a donation" and put in the appropriate amount for the calendars you would like to purchase.

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 Walk For Rescue!

 Click on the link above and it will take you to a webpage where you can download a walking application on your Smartphone.  Though Mid-Atlantic is not yet listed on the webpage, we are in the MD list on the phone application if you do a search.  For every mile you walk your dog this organization donates monies to the Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue.  Given so many of us walk our pups, why not support Rescue while you do it!