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raymond cast 

Raymond's surgery is complete, the leg was worse than originally thought.  Almost all the scar tissue was removed, what was left  had to be because the injury is so old blood vessels had worked their way through it.

The wrist area has been fused with a plate.  Unexpectedly, the radius bone had over grown, so it had to be removed and shortened, and then put back in so it wasn't pushing into the wrist area anymore.

Obviously this was not a cheap surgery, so if you would like to help us to help Raymond, pls click on our Donate button and we will utilize the funding for his surgical procedure.

As you can see, Raymond now has a cast, it will be on for 6 weeks with a cast change every 2 weeks as the swelling goes down.

Sometimes people ask why we take these dogs in, our reply is always the same, if not us, then who?  Who would walk into a shelter and even consider him with the surgical care and then the rehab that he needed? 

The best part, the surgeon thinks after 12 weeks of rehab that Raymond will be walking and running like a normal dog.  How great is that!

We believe every GSP deserves a chance.


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