Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

June 21, 2018


Cooper Sox is a stunning GSP.  He's up to date on his vaccines, trained and knows many commands (sit, down, come, leave it, look, etc). He LOVES playing fetch - a bit obsessed actually - so he'd be a great dog for someone who enjoys playing ball with him. He can go endlessly and needs the exercise; he's an active boy. He's crate trained and goes in easily, only whines a little to be let out once you're back home, and at night he sleeps quietly on a dog bed next to our bed.

Cooper is 3 yrs old and as he has gotten into his adolescence.  He is currently in socialization training at Muddy & Co in The Plains, VA.  He is learning to be a good canine citizen around other dogs and his trainer says he is doing well with 5 other dogs in his home. He's great walking on leash, will stay by your side.

Cooper needs a home with less chaos, and someone who can spend the time and attention with him that he needs. If you are interested in Cooper please email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.

Want to see videos of Cooper, check out the link to this Facebook page:



Remi is a 3 year old GSP weighing in at about 70lbs and he is full of energy! He is a goofy, fun loving boy who loves to go hiking and run in the yard. Remi lives up to the pointer reputation and loves to point and chase birds, he’s quite a site to behold when he’s out in the yard doing his thing! Remi is also a big love bug and believes GSP’s were made to be lap dogs. He follows his current owner around from room to room all day long and parks himself right at her feet when she’s not moving around.

Remi is very nervous around young children and should be in home either without children or with kids 12 or older who understand “dog manners”. He is great with other dogs, Remi has lived his whole life with a K9 sister and made tons of friends in dog parks, although he wouldn’t mind being an only pup either as long as he had plenty of love from his humans.   Remi knows sit, come, down, and responds to his name being called.

He is both house and crate trained.  His owner works from home so he is used to someone being around throughout the day, if he could continue that it would be great.  He lives in 4' fencing and does not try to jump out, so he is fine in 4' fencing.  Remi is in Thurmont, MD.  Pls fill out our Adoption Application if he interests you.


Zeus is a 3.5 yr old male GSP.  He is both house and crate trained.  Zeus is being given up as he is not doing well with the baby in the home.  So older children or no children will be needed in his new home.

He loves to play and has lots of energy!  He loves to swim, go on hikes, walks, runs, bike rides, play search, tug, but most of all he loves to play fetch. Balls are his favorite things besides puddles.   Zeus has been taught to run with a person and also enjoys running alongside a bike with a device that secures him to the bike.  This is great exercise for him.

His current owners let him free roam in the house when they are not home and he has a dog door that he is trained to use. His yard has a four foot fence that he has not challenged. He knows a variety of commands such as sit, shake, lay down, off, stay, come, back up, ok, “get out of the kitchen” and search.  He has attended doggie daycare in the past but it needs to be a well structured doggie daycare as too many dogs and too much chaos makes him nervous.

He has a zany personality that will keep you smiling.  He lived with another dog until about a year ago when his friend passed away, but he can sometimes have too much energy and get too excited when playing with other dogs. He could benefit from additional structured socialization.  He is not aggressive in any way but some dogs might not like his exuberance, an aloof dog would be a good partner for him.

Zeus is in Bushwood, MD.  Pls fill out an Adoption Application if you would like to meet him!


Addie is a beautiful 2 year old female GSP weighing 40lbs. She is a very energetic girl and will need guidance to learn proper leash skills and manners. Luckily, Addie is very smart and food motivated so training should not be difficult. Addie rides well in the car, and is crate trained. Addie has had a rough start in life due to her previous owner's not understanding the exercise needs of the breed. Addie loves people and truly believes that she is a lap dog. Addie currently greets people by jumping although we are working on that. It is recommended that she live with little humans older than 5, or be watched very closely to make sure she doesn't accidentally knock anyone over. Addie also needs to be the only dog in her home and unfortunately cats are also out. Addie should not be left out in the yard unsupervised as her nose can get her into trouble. She can jump a 5ft fence, so 6ft fencing or fencing with efencing to back it up will be necessary.

 Addie would make a great running or even agility companion. Addie loves to play fetch and will be happy to settle nicely by your side once she has her exercise. If you are looking for a loving, energetic, petite girl, then Addie is the dog for you!

Addie is currently in the Bowie/Annapolis area.  If she interests you, pls fill out our Adoption Application and send any questions to Emily at warnock.ea@gmail.com


Bleu is a 4 yr old spayed female GSP who is utd on vaccines.  She is a friendly, affectionate dog, and good with kids. She is ok with most dogs but is possessive of her food. As always we recommend feeding separately when you have more than one dog.  She is not good with cats or other small animals. 

Bleu is with a no kill, foster based group but she would love to find her permanent home.

She is in the Norfolk, Isle of Wight area in VA.  Pls email us if you are interested in her at faithgsp@yahoo.com


Pronounced "Say-Ooohh". Seu is a young, sweet and gentle girl. She will work best with someone willing to provide a little TLC and patience. She is very calm and would be a great fit for a person desiring a quiet dog for a quiet home. Seu is very good walking on a leash. She is completely comfortable with other dogs and would do well with an older, stable dog to reassure her that all is well. Her coloring is absolutely stunning with a lot of contrast between the Liver(almost black) and glowing white. Many people have commented that the contrasting looks like feathers. Her one problem is a lack of engagement with new events and a withdrawing to a safe space as a response. It is simply that she is not used to being in the world. A person willing to work with her more on acclimatization will be rewarded with a very happy, well mannered and loving companion. 

Seu is completely house trained. She is very comfortable in a kennel and can also be trusted to have run of the house if no one is home.  A non kid home would probably be best as Seu would be afraid of kids carrying on.  This girl needs a new owner with a desire to help her become a normal and balanced dog.  Its clear she has not had a lot of interaction with people.  Someone who is careful is a must as she could be a flight risk, if she got away she probably would not come back to you.  Working with a trainer is essential for her and a couple collars on her would be safest.  She is a little gentle soul, but needs to learn the world.

Seu is "chipped", UTD on vaccines, wormed and has also been spayed. She is a little over a year old and weighs about 39 lbs. A fenced in yard is a must, 5' or higher is required.. Leash walking when outside is mandatory even in a fenced yard initially until she is more trusting as she may not return to you until she knows you better.  Seu is in Laytonsville, MD.


Thor is a 2.5 yr old male GSP.  He is house trained and crate trained.  He is utd on vaccines and will be neutered soon.

He is good with other dogs and with children.  He is not good with cats.  He owner has efencing but Thor is not staying in it and has not been properly trained to it.  He can also jump a 4' fence, so a 6' physical fence is required for him.

He has had some hunt training.  His owner has had him since he was a puppy.  In the picture Thor is the liver and white dog. Thor is being fostered in Silver Spring, MD.  Pls send any questions to faithgsp@yahoo.com

Annabelle & Brownie

Annabelle and Brownie are 2 yr old spayed female GSPs.  They arrived on someone's doorstep last summer and have never left.  They are both spayed and utd on vaccines.

The girls are bonded so the owner prefers that we place them together.  Both are outgoing and friendly.

The girls need at least 5' fencing as the owner feels they could jump a 4' fence.  They are not good with cats, so a non cat home is required.  The girls have had very little training so will need some work with a new owner.  But their little personalities are sparkling, really sweet dogs.  They try very hard to please.

Brownie is more reserved than Annabelle, she sticks close to her people.  Annabelle is ready for a big run and Brownie can be enticed to follow along.  Train Annabelle and you train Brownie.  The picture to the left is Annabelle.

Brownie is happiest when chasing butterflies. They both like bones, and both love water.  Brownie is pictured below.

These lovely ladies are near Amelia, VA.  If you are interested in a pair, these girls get along great together.  If you'd like to give them a home pls fill out our Adoption Application and send any questions to Susanna at mum2sdk@gmail.com


Annabelle2 - she is going to a foster to adopt situation, so pls check back at the end of June and see if she is adopted.

Annabelle is a 4.5 yr old spayed female GSP.  She is extremely lovable, active and a good listener.  She is also excellent with children.

She plays well with other dogs , is house trained and knows sit.  She also loves the water.

Annabelle's owner thinks she needs a home where she can be more active and have more play time.

She located in the SW part of VA so we will need a foster spot or an applicant willing to foster to adopt and if she isn't a match would foster until placed in another home.


Daphne - adopted

Chesney - adopted

Chesney is a very handsome 13 month old, 56 pound male GSP.  He is both house and kennel trained.

Chesney seems to be good with all people and dogs.  Although, he’s not aware of his size and plays too rough with small dogs.  He’s good with children but can be rambunctious and can possibly knock them over. Older children would be best with him. He has a strong prey drive which leads me to believe he won’t be good with cats and definitely is obsessed with birds. He has been known to jump a 4 foot fence and scale a 5 foot fence.  There have been no issues in his current 6 foot privacy fence.

Chesney is eager to please.  He quickly learns commands and knows down, leave it, out of the kitchen, and has sit mastered. He has excellent recall in the house and the yard but hasn’t been tested off leash.  He’s getting better when it comes to siting and waiting for his food and  he’s starting to sit and wait to go through doors. Chesney walks halfway decent on a leash especially since he’s never been trained.

Due to Chesney‘ upbringing, he lacks stamina on walks and doesn’t seem to tolerate the heat well.  He can play about 5-10 minutes in the sun but seeks out the shade or air conditioning.  He’ll lay in the shade after a couple blocks and must be coaxed to make it home.  He does well when walking in cooler temps.  He probably won’t make a good running buddy and since dogs should not be run until they are at least 18 months old, a running partner is not in his current resume. 

In the short time he’s been with me, he’s been a really good boy.  There has been no inappropriate chewing, he hasn’t tested the fence and he has been good in his kennel.  He constantly checks on his family including his GSP foster sister and can mostly be found under foot.  He will excel as long as he gets exercise and has structure.  

Chesney is being fostered in Virginia Beach, VA.  If he interests you pls fill out our Adoption Application and email any questions to faithgsp@yahoo.com

Macy - adoption in progress

Macy is a 4.5 yr old female GSP.  She is house and crate trained but an 8 hour day is a long time for her, she needs more frequent potty breaks.  She is utd on vaccines and will be spayed soon.

Macy is good with large dogs, but not with small dogs.  She is good with children.  Macy has had hunt training, but does have to be a housepet also and live in the home.  She is efence trained and is also good in 4' fencing.

Let us know if you have any questions in regard to Macy.  faithgsp@yahoo.com

Scout - adoption in progress

Scout is a 2 yr old neutered male GSP who is utd on vaccines.  He is both house and crate trained.  He is okay in 4' fencing or higher and his owner says he is good with other dogs and kids.  He does know commands and we will ask the owner what those are.  He describes him as the most loyal and obedient dog he has ever owned.  Scout is in the Stafford, VA area, pls email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com and fill out the Adoption Application if he interests you.