Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Policies

We only do local adoptions in areas where we have volunteers. At this time, we have volunteer coverage in MD, VA, DE and WV.  If you are not in these areas, we ask that you contact your local GSP Rescue to fill-out an application. There may be a dog much closer to you.

Adoption Process:
  1. Application filed online.
  2. Veterinary check of prior/existing pets for vaccinations, examinations, and heartworm prevention prescriptions.
  3. Phone Interview
  4. Speak with foster home of dogs that interest applicant
  5. Homecheck visit.
  6. Visit/Meet Dog of interest.

We do ask for an adoption fee. The fee is based on the age of the dog, as younger dogs require more vaccinations, etc. When you adopt a GSP through rescue, you get a fully vetted dog, or a dog just needing a few boosters. All vaccinations (combo vaccines, bordatella, Rabies), heartworm tested (and on preventative), fecal exam, spay/neuter, pre-registered/paid microchip, and any medical care the dog has required medically, we have taken care of. We realize you can "buy a puppy" for about the same amount as our adoption fee. However, then the vetting must be paid for by you. Before your puppy's first year is over, you will likely have spent upward of $1,000 or more on necessary vetting.

In addition, the dog you adopt will have lived in our home, with a foster family. We evaluate their temperament thoroughly, and we provide information about their routine, their habits, their likes/dislikes, level of training, and any remaining training needs. We start them out on housetraining, crate training, etc. In essence, you know what you are getting ahead of time. It takes a lot of the risk out of the adoption process.

Adoption Fees:

    • Dogs 0-1 yr old - $375
    • Dogs 1-5 years old - $350 
    • Dogs 6-8 years old - $250 
    • Dogs 9-10 years old - $200 
    • Over 10 yrs - donation

Please note our expenses on each dog generally FAR exceed the adoption fee amount. We rely on fundraising and donations to help offset our incredibly high veterinary expenses.