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      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

March 17, 2018


Raider is a 7 yr old neutered male GSP.  He is a good sized GSP at @ 75 lbs.

He is crate and house trained.  He is good with other dogs and with children, but he is not good with cats.  Raider does fine in 4' fencing, so could live in fencing that height.

His owner is in the military and they are PCSing overseas.  The last time they took Raider he did not do well on the trip, it stressed him to the point of hair loss and loss of appetite so the vet recommended they not take him again.  In the same sense he isn't crazy on a boat and often has a hard time relaxing in the car.  So if you are someone who takes long car trips, he probably isn't for you.  For short jaunts he is fine.

Raider eats grain free dog food as he has a sensitive tummy.  It will be best to continue the food he is on which is grain free Blue Buffalo.

He is used to being alone 4-8 hrs a day and when the owner's day is going to be beyond that they take him to doggie daycare.  Raider thrives on routine, so keeping him on a schedule helps him out.  He has been through formal obedience training.

Raider currently lives in a neighborhood that has a fenced in dog park, water access, and tons of walking trails, so he is use to being out in nature and enjoying fresh air. Raider would not do well in a big city or small apartment.

His owner expects Raider to be anxious during his transition period to a new home. This may involve trouble with him sleeping and lying down to relax, his owner thinks exercise and attention will help him to adapt quicker.

Raider loves toys but tends to shred stuffed ones, he loves swimming, running around, dog parks, bacon and cheese sticks, and meeting new people. Raider dislikes feet touching him, medications (even when hidden in food), and getting his nails clipped.   If you are interested in Raider, pls fill out our Adoption Application.


Maverick is an almost 3 year old neutered and micro-chipped male Pointer! He was rescued from Mid-Atlantic GSP back in 2016, and unfortunately his owners are having to give him up due to allergy & asthma complications in the home.

This high energy boy is the best running buddy and requires daily exercise. He would be great with someone who is active and/or has an area for him to run. When receiving consistent exercise he is quite mellow. It is recommended that he have a fenced area higher than 4ft, as he will clear the fence. He is good on an ecollar.

Mav loves attention and would be fine in a multi dog household, or as the only dog. He has not been around cats, however does have a high prey drive.

He is a smart boy who graduated from puppy school and knows sit, stay, and paw. While he could use more training on the leash, he is a quick learner and just needs someone who can dedicate the time.

Mav is a sweet boy and his owner is beyond sad to see him go, however he needs someone that can give him the attention, exercise and snuggles he deserves!  Max is located in N. VA.  If he interests you please fill out our Adoption Application.


Charlie is a 2 yr old neutered male Pointer.  He is learning boundaries and is a good student. 

He knows his name, and comes whenever he is called.  He is working on all other commands.  He is immensely sweet and craves attention.   He is being fostered with three male dogs and he has settled in nicely.  We think he would be an amazing kids dog.  His does have a happy tail, and it does hit stuff regularly, so very small children may be in jeopardy when he is excited. He does not seem to be a chewer and seems to have a kind and gentle personality. 

No matter what you are doing he just wants to be with you.  He would be happy playing with the family, with other dogs, or just hanging out.  He would be fine in a multi dog household, or as an only dog where he could get all of the attention.

His energy level is medium.  He gets out for walks on the leash and is learning the rules and boundaries.  He is not thrilled about being crated after neutering, but other than a few peeps every now and then, he settles right down and is quiet and well behaved.  

He is scheduled for boosters to his vaccines on March 9th and will be utd on everything at that point.  Charlie is being fostered in Warrenton, VA and would love to meet his new family!  Pls fill out our Adoption Application if he interests you.


Finn is an 18 month old male GSP.  He is friendly with all people and other dogs.

He hasn't been with us long, but long enough to know he is sweet as pie.  He's got a sweet and goofy personality and really likes our dog.  He needs work on house activities and potty training  (already have progress on that front) since he was an outdoor dog before coming into rescue. He already seems like he wants to cuddle (people and dogs) more than I'd expect for a dog who hasn't been inside.

Finn is getting more comfortable on stairs, outside, and on a leash. So far he’s actually very good on-leash, no pulling.  So far we haven’t noticed much of a prey drive when we’re near birds or squirrels.

He is great about going into his crate! He lays right down.

Finn is being fostered in Baltimore, MD.  If you are interested in him, pls fill out our application.

Jessie - cat friendly

Jessie is a 7-8 yr old neutered male Pointer.  He is fully vetted and weighs about 55 lbs.

Jessie is good with other dogs and cats.  He is being fostered with 2 other male GSPs.  He is just friendly with everyone, people and pets.

He has learned to be indoors and enjoys being in the house.  He needs a secure fence as he is a fast boy.

Jessie is being fostered in Staunton, VA and can't wait to meet his new family.  If interested pls fill out our Adoption Application and email any questions to crowbird988@yahoo.com


Maggie is a high-energy girl and would be great as a running partner. She is a sweet girl and loves to be with her family. Maggie is spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on all her shots. We are working on crate training and she does okay for 4-5 hours. Maggie is not cat tested but has a high prey drive. She would not be good with children as she is possessive of her things and doesn't love to share. She is on anxiety medicine and needs further training for resource guarding. She will be a great companion for the right person.

She is in Fredericksburg, VA, if you are interested in Maggie, pls email her owner at b12shealy@yahoo.com

Raven - courtesy list

Raven is a 9 yr old spayed pointer mix.  She is utd on vaccines and microchipped.

Raven is a nice girl who just needs to find the right home. She can be shy at first, so someone who is patient with her and who will help her build her confidence would be perfect. She would do best in a quiet home that is laid back and where she is the only dog.  Raven prefers to be an only child....:-)

She is housebroken.  She doesn't need a crate as she is not destructive at all. She has a high prey drive so no cats or small pets. She likes to catch her Frisbee and play tug with her toys. She loves going for walks and sniffing around, but needs some leash work. Because she is sensitive to sudden movement a home with older children is recommended.

If you would like to meet this special girl, please email dogs@lunashouse.org at Luna's House or faithgsp@yahoo.com with GSP Rescue.  Raven is in the Baltimore, MD area.


Kyle - adoption pending

Kyle is a super smart and sweet dog that is pretty mild mannered compared to most GSPs. Kyle came from a shelter and we don’t know much about his backstory. What we do know, Kyle is around 2 years old and weighs 30 lbs.

He does pretty well on a leash but is not used to it yet and he gets a little tangled up. When he comes home he loves curling up with a blanket and being very close to humans. He has been very friendly to his foster brother (Randall) who happens to be a 60 lb GSP and twice the size of him. Kyle’s current game with Randall is to take all the toys and put them under the coffee table were it is hard for Randall to get them.

Kyle is currently be fostered in a house in Newport News, VA with a 5 foot fence. He has done very well with the fenced in yard and is quickly learning that he should go outside for the bathroom. We are currently working on basic commands, his name and kennel training. Kyle would be a great compact addition to any family.     

If you are interested in Kyle pls fill out our Adoption Application and if you have additional questions, pls email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com


Seamus is a handsome 5 year old neutered male, about 54 pounds, who is house broken and okay in the home left uncrated.  He is also crate trained.  He is intelligent, athletic and a sweet boy. He isn’t a fence jumper or digger. Seamus LOVEs to play fetch, this he could do all day never stopping.

Seamus went through a 2 week board and train with a trainer used by Rescue.  He knows sit, place, down and come.  We continue to work with him on heel and he is doing very well.  The trainer also worked on socialization with Seamus.  He seems fine with well behaved and calm dogs, dogs who lunge or bark incessantly seem to rev him up, and he will sometimes snap at them. He was trained utilizing an ecollar and our trainer is willing to work with any new owner.


Seamus is not for toddlers as he can be protective of his food and toys.  He has been perfectly fine with children as young as 5 yrs old.  Just not babies who don't take direction well on food bowls.

He is being fostered with Stephanie who is a marathon runner, and is doing very well.  He can also walk on a treadmill, he was taught that in his training also.  He loves to explore and go places with his foster mom.

If you are interested in adopting Seamus, we would suggest for you to work with our trainer so that you can get a feel for how he was trained.  He is a great dog and just needs an owner who is consistent and shows him how to behave properly.  At this point he is a fairly polished boy, knows all his commands.

Seamus is currently in Kensington, MD. If you are looking for a dog who is incredibly smart and athletic, Seamus is your guy. If Seamus interests you please complete an adoption application. You can also email faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.