Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-1 yr old - $375
Dogs 1-5 years old - $350 
Dogs 6-8 years old - $250 
Dogs 9-10 years old - $200 
Over 10 yrs - donation

April 27, 2017


Bo is a 6 yr old male neutered pointer.  He is crate trained and almost house trained.

He gets along with dogs, kids and cats.  Just an all around sweetie.  He is being fostered with another male dog.  He is a rarity being good with felines, so if you have a cat, you might want to meet this great little fellow.

Bo loves being outdoors, loves to just sun himself.  He is fine in 4' fencing, not a jumper.  He is great on car rides, just enjoys the passing scenery.

This little guy just needs a loving home that can devote some time to him.  Bo is in Stafford, VA, pls email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com if you have any questions about him.


Gael is a 5 yr old spayed female GSP.  She is microchipped and utd on all vaccines.

Gael loves to go for walks, just loves trekking around the neighborhood.  She knows heel, sit, down and shake.  She is house trained and is fine left out without a crate when her people aren't home, but she is crate trained also.  She doesn't destroy anything and has no separation anxiety.

She also knows how to use a doggie door. She does not bark at visitors and is well behaved around other people. When it comes to bed time, she loves to cuddle and be next to someone while she is sleeping.

Gael has always been an “only dog” and is working on overcoming her object possessiveness. When she has a toy or object, she does not like to have things taken away.  To help us overcome this behavior, she was enrolled in a professional training course. Gael responds beautifully to a training collar on vibration mode. She knows when she has it on and when she does not.  Whenever we walk outside, she wears it and is a perfect lady

Gael visits a senior home and often goes to the local home improvement stores. Everyone stops to pet her because she is such a cute girl. She loves people and we have never encountered an instance where she was not friendly in this setting.  We have not had the opportunity to expose her to other dogs so I cannot say for sure how she reacts off leash around other pets. According to her trainers, Gael walked around a busy home improvement center with her for a half hour off lead and successfully ignored other pets. Due to the fact that she has not been living with another dog, this would need tested and since that has not been done, we are recommending an only dog home with an understanding that Gael's previous owner stated she was good around other family dogs.

Gael is in Yorktown, VA and if you are interested in hearing more about her or seeing her, pls email us at [email protected]


This is Zeus, a 6 yr old neutered male GSP.  He is house and crate trained and has a very sweet personality.

Zeus came to us with a torn CCL in his left rear leg.  He had surgery on April 19th and is now on his limited mobility time.  The orthopedic surgeon said he would be back to 100% once the leg was healed.  He revisits her on May 4th and gets his next course of conduct.

It appears he is a water dog from the pictures shared with us. 

Zeus is good with other dogs and is being fostered with a male and a female GSP.  He is small at 50 lbs.  He can climb out of a chain link pen, so we would recommend a new home leave him indoors when not at home.

Zeus is near Laytonsville, MD, if you are interested in hearing more about Zeus, pls email us at [email protected]


Meet Asher, he is a 10 month old neutered male GSP weighing 45 lbs.

This little guy has an absolutely winning personality, amazing considering what he has been through in his young life.  When Asher was 12 weeks old he was hit by a car.  His front left leg and a back leg were broken.  His back leg seems to have healed very well.  His front leg needed additional surgery as his growth plate didn't heal properly after the surgery and one bone was growing faster than another.

Asher's last surgery was in December and he is going in for xrays with a local orthopedic surgeon in Annapolis on April 18th.  We will know then how he is continuing to heal as his bone growth as a pup should be almost complete.   Update:  Asher saw the orthopedic surgeon today, tomorrow he will have his last surgery, taking out a section of bone that is jamming his elbow a little.  The surgeon is hoping for greater flexibility in his leg, and less limp and discomfort.  This little guy is a trooper.

Asher is housetrained but he does not like to be in a crate.  So a home where someone is around often is best for him.  He is still a puppy, so hide your shoes and there can be no stuffing in the stuffed toys, Asher says so.

Asher is a really good boy who needs absolute commitment.  He will always need to be on Dasuquin (a joint supplement) and Welactin (doggie omega-3 oil).  He should also eat an omega-3 based fish food.  If you cannot commit to this, do not inquire about him as these items will help him in terms of arthritis in his leg joint.  They are over the counter medications and are not expensive.  They are mandatory and not an option.

Despite his rough start, his has an A-one personality.  To meet him is to never want to walk away from him.  He has been given up 2 times before coming into rescue, so he needs commitment to him as we only want to put him in a new home once.  Everyone who meets him loves him, he was a huge hit at the vet office today.  Rescue will make sure we know all there is to know before adopting him out.  If you are interested in Asher, pls email [email protected]

DeeJay  being adopted

DeeJay is a 7 yr old female GSP.  She will soon be spayed.

She is a medium energy GSP and is both house and crate trained.

She is good in the house and the yard by herself.  She is also good with strangers and children, but not cats.  She loves running around in the yard, we are not sure if she would try to jump a 4' fence, but she is whistle trained, so would need to be watched initially to make sure she wasn't interested in being on the other side.....

She knows come, sit, stay, and lay down and will come from anywhere with a whistle.

DeeJay would like lots of room to run. She loves it outside during daytime and she gets along with male dogs, she has had an issue with a particular female in the household, but the household has 5-6 dogs.  She prefers to eat alone, doesn't like other dogs near her dish.

She is a wonderful, loving and very calm GSP.  She currently goes on 2 leash walks a day in her home.  Rescue would love to see her with her own yard where she can run and play.

If you are interested in fostering DeeJay or would like to do a foster to adopt, pls contact us at faithgsp@yahoo.com