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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

May 26, 2018

Pls read the Adoption Policies to be familiar with our Adoption Process


Dutch is a 6 yr old neutered male GSP. If you are looking for a dog to constantly love on you, Dutch is your man. He is very interested in what you are doing and loves to be with the people in the home. 

He is an active boy and will require lots of exercise or a yard to run.  He is good in 4' fencing.  He would love someone to play fetch with or go for a run with. Dutch knows commands and is very good at listening. He of course gets very easily distracted by squirrels.......:-)   He is house trained.

He has no fear, his visited someone who lives in an apartment complex and had no fear with elevators, or foreign places. He would be best with someone or a family that wants a playful dog.  He is great with other dogs in the home but is perfectly fine being an only child as well. He is not good with cats. He is kennel trained but his former owner just sectioned him into an area of the home and didn't crate him when away.

Dutch has a bad habit of eating kid toys, socks, etc.  He had a surgery to remove one of those items.  So a new home should have children 12 yrs or over and children who put away their things.  On the bright side he knows all his commands and is not only loving, but obedient.  When he snatches an item he shouldn't have, he wants to keep it and will resist its removal, so it is best that he not be able to snag things.  But if he does get something, offer him something much more lucrative than what he has.  His foster mom bopped him on the nose and he dropped the stolen sock.  In his foster home instead of playing fetch with a tennis ball, a Lacrosse ball is a much better choice.

Dutch is being fostered in Richmond, VA.  If you are interested in him pls complete our Adoption Application and email any questions to faithgsp@yahoo.com


Daphne is a 3 yr old female GSP weighing 43 lbs, so a small girl.  She is all muscle and power though, a body builder in the GSP world.....:-)  She is great with other dogs, unknown with cats.  She loves to sit and watch out the window, especially if there are squirrels, though we have seen that same intensity with birds.
She has experience with doggie daycare and loves going and playing with other dogs.

She is fully house trained but does not love being in a crate, she will cry and whimper and try to escape.  So no apartments, this girl needs a spot where she can run and play.  So someone who is retired or works from home would be ideal and also someone who is willing to put in some time and patience with a behaviorist/trainer.  She loves running around and pointing and chasing birds, she is impressive to watch.  She is doing really well in foster care, we are now leaving her uncrated, she cries for a little bit but is doing better.

She is smart, affectionate, friendly, energetic and an excellent running partner.  She loves all people and children.  When she was surrendered to us she is said to be good with cats, our volunteer has not had experience with Daphne around a cat, so this would need tested.  Daphne knows sit, wait (for food), down and come.  She is a quick learner and very food motivated.  She especially likes Happy Howie for her treats.

If you are an active person looking for a dog with high drive and energy in a petite package, Daphne is your girl.  This girl has energy abound.  She is being fostered near Annapolis, MD.  Pls contact us if she interests you at faithgsp@yahoo.com and fill out our Adoption Application.


Cooper Sox is a stunning GSP looking for a new home, one without kids.  He grows weary of kid antics after a period of time.   He's up to date on his vaccines, trained and knows many commands (sit, down, come, leave it, look, etc). He LOVES playing fetch - a bit obsessed actually - so he'd be a great dog for someone who enjoys playing ball with him. He can go endlessly and needs the exercise; he's an active boy. He's crate trained and goes in easily, only whines a little to be let out once you're back home, and at night he sleeps quietly on a dog bed next to our bed.

Cooper is about 2.5 yrs old and as he has gotten into his adolescence, he can be iffy with certain dogs, especially those who growl, snarl and aggressively bark at him. Some dogs he loves and his owner says he seems to prefer females. He's great walking on leash, will stay by your side, but if he sees another dog, he can be reactive. His dog interactions would need to be tested.

Cooper needs a home with less chaos, and someone who can spend the time and attention with him that he needs to learn to greet other dogs politely. He needs more training on socializing, and being able to move beyond his stimulation upon seeing other dogs.  Cooper is currently in the D.C./Arlington area.  Email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.


Raider - adopted

Raider is a neutered male GSP.  He is a good sized GSP at @ 75 lbs.

He is crate and house trained.  He is good with other dogs and with children, but he is not good with cats.  Raider does fine in 4' fencing, so could live in fencing that height.

His owner is in the military and they are PCSing overseas.  The last time they took Raider he did not do well on the trip, it stressed him to the point of hair loss and loss of appetite so the vet recommended they not take him again.  

Raider eats grain free dog food as he has a sensitive tummy.  It will be best to continue the food he is on which is grain free Blue Buffalo.

He is used to being alone 4-8 hrs a day and when the owner's day is going to be beyond that they take him to doggie daycare.  Raider thrives on routine, so keeping him on a schedule helps him out.  He has been through formal obedience training.

Raider currently lives in a neighborhood that has a fenced in dog park, water access, and tons of walking trails, so he is use to being out in nature and enjoying fresh air. Raider would not do well in a big city or small apartment. 

Raider loves toys but tends to shred stuffed ones, he loves swimming, running around, dog parks, bacon and cheese sticks, and meeting new people.  If you are interested in Raider, pls fill out our Adoption Application.

LittleMan - adoption in progress

Dexter - adoption in progress