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      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-1 yr old - $400
Dogs 1-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

August 13, 2017


This little guy is a 11 month old neutered male GSP.  He is utd on vaccines and is both house and crate trained.  He will easily go into his crate with a cookie.

He is not for the faint of heart, he is an active guy, so someone who understands the breed energy level and has time to dedicate to exercising him is what we are looking for.  He has been running with one of our volunteers and does well with a prong collar.  I have had him swimming with a life vest on, he is a strong swimmer and doesn't seem to mind it at all.

His owner has done some training with him, so he knows some commands to include sit, paw, lie down, and stay.  He doesn't quite have come yet as distractions get the best of him.  He walks perfectly with a pinch collar.

Cash is fine with other dogs unless there is food around, so he needs to be fed separately in another room behind a closed door so that dogs cannot interact during feeding time.  The other dog in the home should not be a small dog, something more his size.  Also, treats and bones should not be a part of the regime for quite some time unless he is given his in his crate.  Outside of this he is a fantastic dog.

He sleeps in his own bed beside the people bed.  He sleeps through the night without incident.  He is also an excellent car rider, just lays in the back seat and chills out.  He will play by himself with his toys, just tosses them around.  He learned the dog door in less than 2 minutes, very smart boy.  He can also jump very high, we could see him as an agility or a dock dog easily.

He can be a little shy when meeting new people, but warms up quickly once he gets some scratches.  Birds are the bomb, he is a bird crazy little guy, chases them all over the yard.  He does well in doggie daycare and enjoys playing with the other dogs.

If you are interested in Cash, pls fill out the Adoption Application and email any questions to Faith at [email protected]

Bruno is a 12 yr old neutered male GSP.  He was turned in by his owner saying they couldn't take him when they moved....:-(

He is house trained and gets along great with other dogs, he came in with a Shit-zu.  He also gets along with kids and all people.  He is being fostered with a male and female GSP.

Bruno is an excellent car rider, he just lays down in the back seat and doesn't make a peep.  He was also very good for his bubble bath, simply let me lather him up and rinse him off.

He doesn't get into anything he shouldn't.  It would be nice if he was in a home with a doggie door or someone to let him out when he needs to go.  A home where he would be crated long hours is not going to work for him.  We are going to leave him free reign as we don't think he even needs crated.

Bruno is being fostered in Mt Airy, MD.  He'd love to meet his new family!
Rascal - courtesy listing for PAW Rescue

Rascal is a 1 yo German Shorthaired Pointer mix. After his family was evicted, Rascal found himself struggling at a high kill shelter. PAW picked him up and placed him in a foster home, so that he can start the next chapter in his young life.  He is utd on vaccines and vetting.  Rascal was tested with cats and he is cat neutral, meaning he had no interest in the cat.

Rascal bonds very strongly and quickly to his family! He is housebroken and has generally good house manners. He has a medium amount of energy, which can be satisfied with play or walks. Rascal loves running in his foster family’s fenced yard or wrestling with other dogs. See video on youtube (https://youtu.be/eaWKN0G-Upc) of him playing. He gets along very well with his foster family's small dogs. He also loves dog toys and is a pretty good catcher. He enjoys walks and jogs but will need some basic leash training.

Perhaps because of the ordeal that he went through, Rascal is anxious around strangers and will bark at people he doesn’t know. PAW is working with him on this, but he will need a dog savvy owner who is willing to continue his training. He probably would be best in a mostly adult home. He is initially shy but warms up to affection.

Rascal is very affectionate! He doesn’t always know his size and loves to curl up in your lap. He is also happy to sleep at your feet.

To obtain an adoption application go to http://www.paw-rescue.org/how_app.php and email the completed application to [email protected]  If you are a current applicant with Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue we will pass any info on to the PAW Rescue.  Pls let us know if Rascal interests you by emailing [email protected] or PAW.
Rova & Remmy - adoption in progress

Rova is a 2 year old dilute GSP (thus her lighter coloring).  She is the daughter of Remmy who is 4 yrs old.

Rova is great with kids and other dogs, just a sweet loving girl.  Both she and Remmy ride very well in the car, they don't make a peep, just ride like nice young ladies.

Remmy and Rova are currently being fostered together in Easton, MD.  The girls are very attached to each other.  They both love to play fetch and bring the ball back to you.  They will come when called, not necessary because they know their names, but just because they want to be near a person.

Rova is lower key and more shy.  Remmy is the adventurer and spent 15 minutes chasing a butterfly around in the yard.  But both are very aware of where the other dog is at all times.  I found Rova to be quite endearing, she was more interested in me as a person and Remmy was more interested in seeking the next butterfly.  Once Rova gets comfortable in a house she will be a real lovebug.

Remmy has lived in a home in the past, and was housetrained, she is getting a refresher on that and we'll see how she does.  These girls are exactly the same size, around 45 lbs.  Remmy does know some basic commands and sits nicely when told or when she sees a treat.

It would be great if Rova and Remmy could be adopted together.  If you are interested in a pair, these two get along wonderfully.  We will make the adoption financially manageable if someone is willing to give them a home together.  They have had their initial vaccines, are microchipped and spayed.

Molly - adoption in progress

Molly is a 1 yr old spayed female GSP, nice and petite at 44 lbs

She is quiet, doesn't bark a lot

She is cat curious, definitely not cat sharp. Constantly looking for a playmate so trying to understand the cat. She does fixate on them at times.

She is moderate to low energy, especially for a young GSP

She is crate trained, but needs a strong crate

She plays well with others, but does prefer to protect her bones from other dogs, so limiting those initially if there is another dog is important.  Or limit her to having them in a separated atmosphere

She likes kids, and has a high desire to please her family.  She also rides wonderful in the car.

Molly is currently in Staunton, VA.  Pls email us if she interests you at [email protected]