Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs 2-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

October 20, 2017


Oreo is a neutered 8 month old GSP mix (with a little bit of English Setter) who is child friendly (he lived with 8, 10 and 13 year old children) and his trainer said he is cat friendly. He’s current on his vaccinations and weighs about 50 pounds. He is also microchipped.

Oreo has the typical GSP puppy energy and loves to play with other dogs that are about his size and age (he might have too much energy for an older dog). He has jumped 4’ fencing - his trainer taught him to not do this but a home with taller fencing or in ground electric fencing might be best for Oreo.

He was almost starved in his first home so his recent family adopted him, he had food protection issues with their lab but once he knew he didn’t have to compete for his dinner, he stopped those behaviors. His trainer also worked with him on this.  But we always recommend feeding dogs separately if there is more than one in the home.

His recent family loved him very much and hated to give him up but sadly, they are moving and can’t take him with them. We are looking for a home for Oreo where he can get the love and exercise he needs, and if there is another dog in the house about his size and age, even better.

Oreo is currently in Silver Spring, MD.  Pls complete the Adoption Application if Oreo interests you and email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.


Shooby is an 7.5 yr old spayed female GSP.  She is house trained but not crate trained.  She has free roam of her home and is a good girl.

She is on heartworm preventative and utd on vaccines.  She is good with other dogs as long as she can be the boss, she likes to be in charge.  She is good with children, but not cats.

Shooby lives in a home that has 4' fencing enclosing the yard and she has never tried to jump, so would be fine in 4' fencing.

Her home life has changed due to a divorce and she is now home alone 12 hours a day.  Her owner realizes this is far too long and hopes that Shooby can find a new, loving home that has more time for her.

Shooby is currently in Spotsylvania, VA.  If you are interested in her pls email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com

Seamus is a handsome 5 year old neutered male, about 70 pounds, who is house broken. He is very a intelligent, athletic and sweet boy. While Seamus could jump a 4’ fence, and his home currently has 5’ fencing, he isn’t a fence jumper or digger. Seamus likes to play fetch. His owner has trained him to know these commands to which he knows and responds: Sit, stay, lay, up (get up from laying).

"With me" if he is too rambunctious going up steps. This lets him know not to run by me.


He can give you his paw corresponding to the hand you put out. 

He has shown that he can learn the difference between some of his toys over time (ball, rope, tire, kong, etc.) If you identify each for him.


He is extremely intelligent, which makes him equally as stubborn. So getting him to do things that he does not want to do is sometimes challenging.


Seamus is not for toddlers and is protective of his food and toys in his current home.  To date he does have issues with male dogs, he has been okay with females but we are recommending an only dog home initially. Since he is protective of toys and food, we’d like to find a home for Seamus with older kids or adults only.  A perfect spot would be a home with adults and children over 8 yrs of age who has dog experience to help Seamus learn how to interact with others.

Seamus is currently in Essex, MD. If you are looking for a dog who is incredibly smart and athletic, Seamus is your guy., If Seamus interests you please complete an adoption application. You can also email faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.