Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-1 yr old - $375
Dogs 1-5 years old - $350 
Dogs 6-8 years old - $250 
Dogs 9-10 years old - $200 
Over 10 yrs - donation

March 26, 2017


DeeJay is a 7 yr old female GSP.  She will soon be spayed.

She is a medium energy GSP and is both house and crate trained.

She is good in the house and the yard by herself.  She is also good with strangers and children, but not cats.  She loves running around in the yard, we are not sure if she would try to jump a 4' fence, but she is whistle trained, so would need to be watched initially to make sure she wasn't interested in being on the other side.....

She knows come, sit, stay, and lay down and will come from anywhere with a whistle.

DeeJay would like lots of room to run. She loves it outside during daytime and she gets along with male dogs, she has had an issue with a particular female in the household, but the household has 5-6 dogs.  She prefers to eat alone, doesn't like other dogs near her dish.

She is a wonderful, loving and very calm GSP.  She currently goes on 2 leash walks a day in her home.  Rescue would love to see her with her own yard where she can run and play.

If you are interested in fostering DeeJay or would like to do a foster to adopt, pls contact us at faithgsp@yahoo.com

Trevor - adoption in progress

Trevor is a small black and white male GSP.  He is about 2 years old, and seems to love everyone he meets.   He weighs 48 lbs and should be no more than 50 lbs.  He is being neutered on March 2 and will be available after that.

He would benefit from training as he doesn’t currently know many commands, though his foster home is helping him learn.  He is comfortable being crated, and has quickly learned ‘come’ and ‘sit’.

He LOVES stuffed animal dog toys; buries them outside and then gets them back out when he wants to play.  He DOES like to chew soft things (like socks, towels, pillows, etc.) so will need to be watched to make sure he doesn’t get anything he isn’t supposed to have. 

The shelter where he was found said he was good with kids and other dogs, we would need to introduce him to the other dog in any home.  His exuberance level might be a problem with toddlers and small children as he might knock them down.  He has calmed down since he has been in foster care for a few days.  His energy level is medium, and he enjoys a walk around the neighborhood, as well as time running and playing in the backyard.

He loves to look out of windows, standing on his back legs.  He sleeps on a dog bed at night and does perfectly fine overnight.

This little guy will need some work and training but has the potential to be a wonderful family pet.  He is being fostered in Chestertown, MD.  If you are interested in Trevor, pls fill out our Adoption Application and send any questions to faithgsp@yahoo.com

Luke - adoption in progress

Luke is a 2 year old neutered male GSP weighing in at 70lbs.

Luke is a medium energy boy who is looking for a forever home to help increase his confidence. Luke has some pack insecurities and is looking for owners who will be calm yet assertive. He needs to learn the rules of the house but also feel safe and secure. He can react adversely to correction, and will need to be placed in a home without children. Luke is house and crate trained and has a good understanding of basic obedience, but we are seeking a future home that is willing to continue Luke's training. This is necessary for him to understand rules and boundaries and gain confidence.

Luke enjoys chasing critters so he needs to live in a cat free home. Luke gets along with most dogs but any permanent puppy siblings need to be calm. Luke has some issues sharing toys and he may be too big and boisterous for smaller dogs. Luke has done very well at daycare and with his foster dog brother. 

Luke is really a big cuddler and wants nothing more than to rest his head on your lap. If you might be interested in Luke, please email faithgsp@yahoo.com. Luke is being fostered in Germantown, MD.