Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

      Mid Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

January 16, 2018


Gunther is a 5 yr old neutered male GSP, microchipped and utd on vaccines.  He is house and crate trained.  He's a very sweet, smart velcro-dog, loves other dogs, playing ball and tug of war, and to go on walks.  An excellent companion.

He has settled nicely into his foster home and absolutely loves the female GSP in the home, Nellie.  He seems to find comfort in another canine being around, so a new home with a current dog would be great for him.

He is not for young children, so a home with kids 12 yrs and older would be a best match, or no kids at all.  Due to this we won't consider him for efencing as things coming into the yard cannot be controlled.

Gunther is just a great boy who is an easy keeper.  If you meet his criteria, come out and see him.  He is in Kensington, MD area.  If he interests you please email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com

Seamus is a handsome 5 year old neutered male, about 60 pounds, who is house broken. He is very a intelligent, athletic and sweet boy. While Seamus could jump a 4’ fence, and his home currently has 5’ fencing, he isn’t a fence jumper or digger. Seamus likes to play fetch. His owner has trained him to know these commands to which he knows and responds: Sit, stay, lay, up (get up from laying).

"With me" if he is too rambunctious going up steps. This lets him know not to run by a person.


He can give you his paw corresponding to the hand you put out.   He has shown that he can learn the difference between some of his toys over time if you identify them for him.


Seamus is not for toddlers and is protective of his food and toys in his current home.  Due to this a home with older kids and adults is what we are seeking.

On Dec 17, 2017 we met Seamus with one of our Rescue trainers.  He behaved perfectly with the male GSP.  We even fed them treats side-by-side, no issues.  He does however react to non calm dogs, we walked past 2 Bernese Mountain dogs who were barking at us and he reacted to that.  In lieu of this we are going to put Seamus through training with our obedience trainer, he is going to work on a lot of socialization with Seamus.  Since the trainer's personal GSP is a calm dog, we think he will be a good mentor for Seamus.

If you are interested in adopting Seamus, we would allow you to work with our trainer with him.  He is a great dog and just needs a firm owner to tell him how to behave properly.

Seamus is currently in Essex, MD and wll be in training after January 4rd in Woodbine, MD. If you are looking for a dog who is incredibly smart and athletic, Seamus is your guy., If Seamus interests you please complete an adoption application. You can also email faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.


Oreo is a neutered 1 yr old GSP mix (with a little bit of English Setter) who is child friendly (he lived with 8, 10 and 13 year old children) and his trainer said he is cat friendly. He’s current on his vaccinations and weighs about 50 pounds. He is also microchipped.

Oreo has the typical GSP puppy energy and loves to play with other dogs that are about his size and age. He has jumped 4’ fencing so a home with taller fencing or in ground electric fencing might be best for Oreo.

Oreo's foster family has come to really love and enjoy his youthful playfulness.  Oreo is a high energy puppy who wants to see, smell, and taste everything that is happening around him.  He likes all people and dogs. He plays and plays with my 5 year old male GSP.  At the local dog park he loves to play with other young dogs. 

He is a smart guy. It took him about 2 seconds to get the dog door.  He sits to get treats and is 100% housetrained.  He is very cuddly when he is tired, which is usually in the evening.  He seems to be at his most curious in the morning. He is a puppy so items need put away so he isn't tempted to chew them. Lots of exercise is a must.  He will chase and catch a ball.  His favorite game is to get your attention by playing chase with anything you touch.  I usually crate him an hour in the morning with a raw hide to keep him occupied while I get ready for the day. 

Oreo is just a great little young pup, he is currently in Silver Spring, MD.  Pls complete the Adoption Application if Oreo interests you and email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.
Raven - courtesy list

Raven is a 9 yr old spayed pointer mix.  She is utd on vaccines and microchipped.

Raven is a nice girl who just needs to find the right home. She can be shy at first, so someone who is patient with her and who will help her build her confidence would be perfect. She would do best in a quiet home that is laid back and where she is the only dog.  Raven prefers to be an only child....:-)

She is housebroken.  She doesn't need a crate as she is not destructive at all. She has a high prey drive so no cats or small pets. She likes to catch her Frisbee and play tug with her toys. She loves going for walks and sniffing around, but needs some leash work. Because she is sensitive to sudden movement a home with older children is recommended.

If you would like to meet this special girl, please email dogs@lunashouse.org at Luna's House or faithgsp@yahoo.com with GSP Rescue.  Raven is in the Baltimore, MD area.

Max - adoption in progress for January 15th

Tucker - owner found new home


Gerdie - adoption in progress

Gerdie is a 5 yr old spayed female GSP who came to us in September with a torn CCL.  Her owner did surgery at a regular vet and that did not hold, so Rescue took her to an orthopedic surgeon to remove all that hardware and perform TPLO surgery.  She gets xrays on January 4th and can then start to gradually increase her activities.  At the end of this road she will be a normal active GSP.

This dog is golden, she is friendly and oh so sweet.  She gets along great with other dogs.  Though her activity will be normal, we are not recommending a runner, but she can happily play fetch and do other running activities where she can stop when she wants.

She is house and crate trained though we do think that in time she will not need the crate.  She has had to be in it so far due to the restricted activity she has been on.

Gerdie just loves laying beside people for pets and snuggling.  She was owned by an older couple and we think a home where a person is home more often would be great for her.  Not an 8 hour day in a crate as she is not used to that.  She has a wiggly butt and her tail wags non stop.  If you are looking for a dog with a great personality, this is your gal.  If interested pls fill out our Adoption Application and email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.
Bo - adoption in progress

Bo is a 4-5 yr old male weighing 51 lbs.  He is utd on vaccines, neutered and microchipped.

Bo is a good snuggler with his people.  He just loves to cuddle.  He is doing well with the female GSP in his foster home, he loves playing with her.  Bo is shy and needs someone kind and patient.  Even though he is shy, the boy will do anything for a piece of cheese.

He has learned to do stairs and now has no problems getting up or down them.  He is crate trained and almost house trained.

No young children for Bo, due to his shyness we think the noise and activity of young children would keep him constantly nervous.

His foster home is working with him on basic manners like come, sit, off, down, and crate. He loves this training and is very attentive and eager to please. 
He loves being outdoors and would enjoy long hikes with his forever family.

He is being fostered in Sykesville, MD.  If you are interested in seeing him pls email us at faithgsp@yahoo.com