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November 26, 2023

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!

We found this article on Petfinder that gives great hints for what to do when you are adopting a new pet.  Things that help the dog transition and get acclimated to its new home.

Dog Adoption Tips | Bringing Home a New Rescue Dog | Petfinder


Hamish is a 2 yr old, 55 lb, neutered GSP who is just a wonderful companion – extremely sweet and smart. Hamish was surrendered to rescue because his owner had a medical condition and couldn’t take care of him any longer. He’s a great walker, sitting on deck, watching TV, reading a good book companion – that it’s a joy to have him by your side.  He is quite simply an all around fantastic dog.

His foster home has a 2 yr old female GSP and a 9 yr old Doberman and Hamish gets along with them.  His foster mom has taught Hamish to sit and is working on “drop it”, “leave it” and general obedience.  He is house trained.  The previous owner did some training with him and found him to be a fast learner who wants to please, his foster mom says the same about him.  Hamish goes to doggie daycare once a week and does fantastic, everyone at the facility loves him.

His forever home should have a secure yard where Hamish can play and should understand the energy these dogs have and their need for exercise.  Hamish needs to be a much-loved family dog who is appreciated for his Velcro-ness. Due to his activity level toddlers might not be the best as they may get knocked down, but kids 5 yrs and up would be perfectly suitable.

Click on his video –

Hamish is being fostered in Richmond, VA.  If you’d like to meet , please fill out the adoption application. 


Maggie is a 1 yr old spayed female GSP weighing 37.5 lbs.  She is both house and crate trained.

Maggie loves, loves, loves swimming, during warm weather she was doing it daily in her foster home’s pool.  It was great rehab for her as Maggie was hit by a car near Morgantown, WV.  She had surgery and has a plate that was placed on her pelvis bone since that was broken in the incident.  She will not be a running partner or a hunting dog, but she will take a dip with you anytime.

She is not slowed much from the injury, she goes where she wants to go.  She runs around like a 1 yr old.  

Maggie is sweet as pie, she loves all people and dogs she meets.  She loves playing with balls, especially in the pool, but is not fantastic at bringing them back yet.  Her one lingering effect from the accident is while she sleeps overnight, she leaks urine, it has been decreasing since being in foster care, so we believe the nerve damage is healing.  The vet said it could take up to 6 months.  This little girl is a perfect size and has an A1 personality.  She 100% makes up for any injury she has had.  This one is a gem.

She is in Sykesville, MD.  If you’d like to meet Maggie, pls fill out the adoption application.

(1922) Where’s my ball – YouTube

(1922) Maggie – YouTube

(1922) Maggie swimming in her vest – YouTube



Gigi, now Gem

Gem is a petite girl at 35 lbs and 8-12 months old. She somehow ended up as a stray in a shelter.  She is beyond sweet, she will get up on your lap and just take a nap.  She is being spayed on Nov 29th and can go to a new home just after that.

She can be a chewer so it is best to have plenty of toys for her so she doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t.  She is good with all people and dogs, cats are unknown.

Gem is through and through puppy and will need guidance and structure to know what is good and what she shouldn’t do.  Her current foster Mom says she is just the sweetest little thing, not a mean bone in her body, just 100% love.

She is being fostered in Easton, MD.  If you’d like to meet , please fill out the adoption application.

Gem Video:


Hi , this is Duke and I’m the most trustworthy pup anyone could have. I grew up on a farm in South Hill Virginia where I roamed 500 acres daily. I recently got in a tussle with a little black bear and I’m still standing with a few nicks, who knows what happened to that bear.

I love spending time with my human family and getting all the love that I can get. I went to the doctor to get all my shots so I could be ready for my new home. I was neutered recently and still need a little time to heal but everything is working out great.

If you need to go out to the store you don’t have to worry you can put me in a crate and I’ll be okay. I am doing well learning housetraining and believe I will have that down pat soon.  I would really like a forever home where my new owner will take me for walks every day and pet me till I fall asleep.  Come check me out I’m one cool guy!

I am 6.5 yrs old and I weigh around 70 lbs.  But I am a gentle guy.  I am living with a couple young children, they love me and I love them.  I am also living with another male GSP, so other dogs are perfectly fine with me, I enjoy their company.  I am also a very good boy riding in the back seat of the car or in a crate.  My former owner had a stroke and could no longer take care of me, thus the Rescue took me in and have taken good care of me.

I am currently living in Chesapeake, VA and would love to meet my new permanent family, if you’d like to meet me please fill out the adoption application.


Lucey is a 3 year old female, who is approximately 55lbs. She was an owner surrender, as her owners were elderly and could no longer keep up with her. 

Lucey is very smart and has a good training foundation. She is both house broken and crate trained. Her previous owners let her free roam when they were not home. She knows sit, stay, lay down, come, shake, spin, leave it and gentle. Her foster parents are helping to polish up her manners by teaching her to wait, not to jump and loose leash walking. She is a quick learner who has already learned new tricks since being with her foster family.  Lucey is the definition of a Velcro dog. She wants to be wherever her people are at all times. She loves attention and snuggles. She is good with her two foster brothers, but she requires slow introductions. Lucy can be timid at first but once she warms up to them, she loves to run and play. She is not cat safe as she has a strong prey drive, she loves to protect her yard from squirrels and birds. She currently resides in a 6ft fence but does not show any signs of jumping.

She is currently being fostered in Portsmouth, VA.  If you’d like to meet her please fill out the adoption application.

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We now also list dogs needing homes, but not through our program, on out Petfinder page. Please reach out to the contact listed in the dog’s bio if you are interested!


Rio – adopted

Rio is a 2 yr old spayed female GSP weighing 50 lbs.  She is housetrained and crate trained and sleeps in her crate at night though she is just as happy to sleep on a dog bed or human bed.

Rio is good with other dogs, not good with cats.  She lives with children but her new home should have older children, she could be active and knock down a toddler.  She has only had one owner, they bought her as an 8 week old puppy.

She currently has 6′ fencing and has had obedience training. She likes to play fetch so bring a strong arm as Rio can chase a ball for quite some time.  Her foster Mom says she knows all her commands and is very good at following them, just a well behaved girl.

Rio is currently in McLean, VA.  If you’d like to meet Rio, please fill out the adoption application.

Max – adopted

Max is a sweet, handsome, loving, and eager-to-please 3-year-old male GSP weighing
approximately 60 pounds. His family surrendered Max because of a breakup and resulting
inability to care for him, and unfortunately spent the last six months crated in the garage. As a
result, Max had forgotten a lot of behavioral boundaries, however, he has made remarkable
strides in a very short period. Max is very smart and picks up new commands quickly. He is
food driven making him easily trainable.

Max is housebroken and crate-trained, but his foster family does not crate him for short outings, he does perfectly fine in the house now that he has had structure and learned the rules of the household.

He loves to go for walks in the neighborhood, play fetch, nap in the sun, and play with his foster
family’s five-year-old GSP. He knows his basic commands, rides well in the car, and is learning
to walk properly on a leash.

Max does well with other dogs and enjoys the neighborhood children. He is moderately prey-
driven, so Max may not be a good fit for a home with a cat. Max is gentle, happy-go-lucky, and
his tail is always wagging. He will always be at the door to happily greet you on return. Max
would do well with a family that is able to spend time with and give him the love he deserves,
with or without another dog.

Max is a sweet and loving boy and just needs a welcoming family in search of a companion. He
is currently being fostered in Severna Park, MD. Max is being neutered October 26 th . If you are interested in adopting Max, please fill out the adoption application.

Fritz – adopted

Fritz is a 2 year old male GSP weighing approximately 48lbs. We have no idea how this boy ended up as a stray because he is just a delight.

He has the sweetest temperament that would be described as an “Old Soul”.  He currently is being fostered with four other pointers (3 females and one male).  Fritz has shown no aggression towards the other dogs and blended instantly from the moment he arrived.  He loves to run in the woods and the property (4 foot fencing) and his hunting instincts kicked in when he caught his first mole.  He loves to ride in the back seat of cars and loves to curl up on the couch any moment he needs to rest.  Fritz is crate trained and has been able to stay in the crate up to 6 hours at night (while sleeping).  He has a very healthy appetite and just like other dogs, needs to be walked to his space to eat so he won’t bother other dogs around him.

Fritz walks great on a leash.  He is a protector of the house and doesn’t mind barking at cars and people who don’t belong.  

Fritz would make a great pet to any family with dogs or without.  He seems to be happy all day long and is just looking for someone that will love him and he promises to love you back even more.

Fritz is located in Richmond, VA. If he interests you, please fill out an adoption application.

Honey – adopted

Honey is a petite, active, goofy girl at 38 lbs and two years old. Honey loves playing with toys, carrying them around, playing keep-away, and tug of war with other dogs. She is well socialized and does very well with both small and large dogs.

Honey was surrendered to rescue because she was too much for her previous owners, however, her current foster describes her as a medium energy GSP. She has lived with kids previously and even lived with cats. She would chase the cats but not hunt them and would relax when told to stop. We think with a slow introduction she could live with cats again!

She has some puppy-like behaviors to continue working on such as jumping, counter surfing, but is very sweet and eager to meet all people and dogs. She is well behaved, just would benefit from some more formal training – she picks up on things quickly. Honey’s previous family had her crated for 12 hours a day so she would do best with someone mostly home with her and/or willing to help train her to be more independent. She’s housebroken and will go to the door to ask to go out.

She’s very velcro, eager to please, and obsessed with cuddling! She really loves being around people and quickly warms up to even guests in the home. She loves a good zoomie session; but otherwise is pretty content with short walks and some playtime for exercising. Honey is so sweet and will quickly endear to her new people, just needs a family with some patience to build up her confidence/independence!

Honey is being fostered in Washington, DC.  If you’d like to meet , please fill out the adoption application.