Senior Program

The GSP Rescue sets aside some funding yearly for what we term our “Senior Program”. If a senior is being fostered by either a regular foster home or a non regular foster home, rescue will cover the routine medical expenses of the pet. Some people simply cannot afford the additional expenses of a senior dog but if they open a spot in a regular foster home and offer to foster a senior dog, we cover expenses as we would in a normal foster home. The medical decisions for the foster dog are made by the Board and per the “Fostering Guidelines”, foster homes need to make a member of the Board aware that their foster dog needs veterinary care. Anything above our documented yearly routine care (vaccines,fecal, bloodwork) needs to be approved by the Board.

For those who adopt a senior from the program, Rescue sets aside some funds in case people have instances where they cannot afford to do the yearly visit and vet care. In those instances an adopter needs to contact the Board to request assistance with the dog’s medical care. The Board will reply with what expenses will be covered and a majority of the time the pet will need to visit one of Rescue’s Vet Offices to get the service. Certain vets offer us discounts which allows us to be able to assist in approved instances. It is mandatory for the adopter to contact the Board prior to seeking medical care.