Rob Loew was a dedicated volunteer with Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue. He joined the Rescue Group in 2003 and between 2003-2010 fostered a minimum of 26 dogs. He was clearly committed to the rehabilitation of the GSP Rescue dogs and worked many of our more difficult cases, never muttering an ill word, never complaining. Rob passed away of cancer in October 2010 and he is and will continue to be missed as an integral part of this rescue.

Al Sause was a prominent figure in the realm of the German Shorthaired Pointer in the United States. He is largely responsible for contributing to the breed in every aspect of its abilities in his times. He was first and foremost a breeder, an AKC Show and Field judge and a great sportsman too. If you are familiar with C. Bede Maxwell’s book “The New German Shorthaired Pointer” you will have read how Al was prominent in helping to build the breed here in America with his dog “CH Dallo v.d. Forst Brickwedde” and his line of Pheasant Lane Schnapps and Tomahawk. Dallo also produced the first dual champion on the east coast DC Blick v. Grabenbruch who finished in 1951.  The picture is courtesy of his daughter who through her love for her Father, assisted us tremendously to become a 501c3 organization so that we could continue to help GSPs in need. We thank them both for their generosity and emphasis in assisting the breed in growing.