2022 GSP Rescue Year End Stats

We keep a database of all of our dogs and thought it might interest folks to see the “big picture” of GSP Rescue.

Mid Atlantic GSP Rescue performed the following in 2022:
Number of Dogs Rehomed: 101
Number of Heartworm Positive Dogs Treated: 14
Number of Owner Surrenders: 59
Number of dogs from Shelters: 42
How many of the total needed spayed/neutered: 57
How many seniors did we take in (10 yr and older): 3
Where are the dogs coming in from:

VA – 71
MD – 13
PA – 2
DE – 2
NC – 5
WV – 7
NM – 1 (an adopted dog we took back)

It’s become clear that VA is really our area where we need education and outreach. There are so many dogs coming from VA. For those of you who purchased the 2023 calendar, the dog on the cover came from Fredericksburg, VA and was tied to a tree and given 2ft of chain. I think the calendar cover shows his life has changed for the better in a significant way.

Every dog has so much potential if people will just take the time to develop a relationship with their pet. If I could have one wish this year it would be that everyone go to training with their dog. It is amazing what you learn and what you learn your dog can achieve and what you can do together.

Other stats include our main income and our main expenses:


Dog Adoption: 36,518
Tax Deductible Donations: 36,542
Calendar Fundraiser: 8,924


Dog Items beyond vetting: 10,607
Heartworm medication: 2,102
Microchips: 928
Vet bills: 51,844

So you can see that your generous donations and purchases of calendars, shirts, etc keep the rescue going. We could not survive on adoption fees alone. 98% of the dogs we adopt out we have spent more on vetting than the adoption fee on the dog. That doesn’t include the cost of the microchips, heartworm/flea/tick preventatives while in foster care. Some years we come out a little ahead, other years we are in the red and we pull from reserves to help dogs.

I just want you all to know how important you are to helping find our breed new loving homes and the process they go through to get there. We have a lot of wonderful veterinarians who have assisted us over the years. I’d like to name the most helpful ones here:

Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital – Laurel, MD
Midshore Animal Hospital – Easton, MD
Severn River Animal Hospital – Severn, MD
Clarksburg Animal Hospital – Clarksburg, MD
Town & Country Animal Hospital – Fairfax, VA
Spotsylvania Animal Clinic – Fredericksburg, VA
Hanover Green Animal Hospital – Midlothian, VA
Short Pump Animal Hospital – Powhatan, VA
PetCare Animal Hospital – Virginia Beach, VA
Poquoson Animal Hospital – Yorktown, VA

Our wish for 2023 is for less GSPs in need than there were in 2022. For those who have adopted – give your pups a hug from us, knowing they are loved and cared for is what keeps us going.