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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

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May 25, 2019

We always are in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our application through the link above!


Colt is an approximately 5 year old male pointer. Colt weighs 45lbs. He is a gentle soul that was found as a stray and heartworm positive. Now that he is cured he is looking for a home of his own!

Colt is house and crate trained. He does well with all dogs, and children. However, he is a little on the timid side and needs to be in a quieter home with older children. Colt really attaches to the men in the household. He will warm up to women, but he likes to move at his pace.

Colt rides well in the car and could use some work on a leash. Colt is a medium-energy dog that just needs a loving home to truly blossom into a wonderful companion. Colt is being fostered in Pasadena, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an application!


Dixie is an absolute love!  She has a quiet and sweet personality.  She can be a bit timid at first with new people and dogs but once she knows she is safe, she warms right up and is all in for love and attention.  At 40lbs, Dixie is a perfect size. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. Dixie is approximately 1 year old.

Dixie loves playing with other dogs.  She has gotten along very well with our 2 year old GSP.  She plays hard and will let her playmate know enough is enough with a quick bark or yip and retreat.  She does need lots of space to get her energy out.  

Dixie loves being around her people.  She really follows the energy level of her humans.  If you are relaxing, she will find a quiet spot and cozy up.  If you want to take a walk, she is eager to come along and play. If you are up and moving around the house, she is tagging along to see what you are up to.  She loves going for walks, but lets that hound nose get the best of her and pulls her walking companion along.  Leash training is something we are currently working with her on and she is showing progress.  

Dixie is still young in many ways but has outgrown most puppy behaviors.  She still has some manners to learn such as not jumping and least training.  She loves to chew on bones and thankfully has let shoes/furniture be.  She can follow a few simple requests like sit and come.  Stay has been tricky because she loves to be right with you.  We are still working on house training but once she knows what door to go to to let you know she has to go out, she will let you know. Due to the foster families schedule, Dixie is in the crate during the work day.  Dixie would benefit from being with a family who is home more or has a schedule to train her properly with the crate if needed.  She is a smart girl who loves treats, so any training is usually picked up quickly when reinforced with a treat and lots of love.  

Dixie has done well with the children in the foster home (ages 10 & 12).  Younger kids below 5 may be a bit much for her timid personality as she shys away from quick movements and noise. Dixie will make a wonderful addition to a home where she can get the extra love, attention and training she deserves. Dixie is being fostered in Frederick, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an application!


Willow is a beautiful 7 year old spayed female. Weighing in a 70lbs this sweet girl could lose a few pounds but would make a wonderful walking companion. Willow was unfortunately surrendered to rescue due to an illness with her owner. This was not an easy decision as Willow was a well-loved family member. She is looking to be the queen at her new home!

Willow is very well mannered. She walks wonderfully on a leash, and knows her basic commands. She does need some work building up her endurance, but through regular exercise that should not be an issues.

Willow gets along great with other dogs. She has not had much experience with kids, but she is very friendly so we think she would do fine. We do not recommend her for a home with cats.

Willow is currently on medication for seizures, however, her last seizure was March of 2018. Rescue is currently working with our veterinarian to see about weaning her off her medication. However, her medication is not overly expensive. Willow is being fostered in Kensington, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an application!

Courtesy Listing!
The dogs below are not part of our program but are looking for their forever home. 

No current courtesy listings at this time.


Poe- Adoption Pending

Poe is an adorable 7 month old neutered male. At only 30lbs, Poe will be on the smaller side when full grown.

Affectionately known as the Mini Menace, Poe is an absolute love. He enjoys running around like a maniac and using your furniture as his own personal jungle gym, before settling in on your lap. Poe is crate trained and house trained, although he can currently only hold his bladder for about 4 hours, so he will need a home where someone is home, or has a dog walker or doggy daycare. Poe knows how to sit and is working on stay. He will need work on the leash.

Poe loves people and other dogs. He enjoys chasing cats. Poe needs to go to a home with another dog, as you can see from the below pictures, he loves to cuddle with his canine friends. Poe would do better with a medium to large dog as he can be a rough and tumble kind of wrestler in his play. Poe is fine with children but can get jumpy and nippy when excited, so older kids may be better.

Poe is looking for a home that will include him in everything...he doesn't like to be left out. Poe is extremely motivated and fearless; anyone interested in obedience, dock diving, or other dog sports would find an eager companion in Poe. Poe is being fostered in Bowie, MD. If he interests you please fill out an application!

Rondo- Adoption Pending

Rondo is a 7-8 year old neutered male weighing approximately 60lbs. Rondo is up to date on all vaccines and is healthy. Rondo is house trained and can be left freely in the house when you are gone. 

Rondo is good with everyone he meets but needs a home without children and one that can manage his resources. Rondo knows his basic obedience, walks well on leash, and rides well in the car. He gets along well with other dogs but does not like cats. Rondo has a lot of love to give and just wants to play and snuggle with his people. Rondo would fit well in a multi dog house or be happy as an only dog.

Rondo is currently in Centreville, VA.

Lady- Adoption Pending

Beautiful 9 month old lady is a stunning and wonderful example of the GSP breed. She is around 40 lbs. She has been in her foster home for about a week now and is settling into her routines. She is extremely friendly, great with kids (she is fostered with 3 kids ages 1, 4 and 6).

 Lady likes to be with the family and where the action is. She does not climb on furniture, beds etc., and for the most part she does not jump up on people – the one exception is when you come home she will greet you with a few little jumps and then settle down. She is also good with strangers and appears to be good with other dogs. When she is on leash, she does like to take the lead and needs some work on leash manners – a control collar is good until training is accomplished as she pulls consistently. She has some basic obedience training, she knows “sit” but needs some work on “stay” and “come”. She is very food motivated when training. 

 Since she is a puppy, she is still learning some things – she does like to chew small objects like plastic toys and socks – we are working on that, but I imagine she will outgrow it when she gets through the puppy stage. She loves to chase a ball or frisbee and never seems to run out of energy. She is currently fenced in a four foot fence with no issues – she shows no signs of wanting to dig or jump to escape – even with the young kids leaving doors open she does not make a break for it, she truly just wants to be around her family. The hunting instinct might kick in for a squirrel or other small animal, but that is about it for running away. She is truly a happy and loyal companion and she is overall very well behaved. When she first arrived she had a few accidents in the house as we were learning each other’s routines, but have mostly gotten past that stage. It is unknown how she would be around cats as we do not have cats. When we leave the house or go to bed she is crated and does very well in her crate. Overall, Lady exemplifies the many great aspects of the German Shorthair Pointer breed!

Lady will need to be spayed before she is ready to go to her new home. Lady is being fostered in the N. Virginia area. If she interests you, please fill out an application.

Seamus - Adopted

Meet Seamus, a 7 yr old handsome dude!  Mr. Seamus is utd on vaccines and housebroken.  He has been through professional obedience training with Rescue and also his owner, no problem with Seamus and commands.  In Rescue he was trained with an ecollar, so he knows what those are.

Seamus is a little fearful of small children, so older children or a no child home would be best.  He is hot/cold with other dogs and currently lives with a female GSP, but he doesn't love all others.

Six foot fencing would work best for Seamus, since he can be hot/cold with other dogs we will not place him in efencing where other dogs can come into his area.  While being fostered Seamus was with a marathon runner and she ran with him daily and he loved that.  His current owner does the same.

Breed experienced owners or someone willing to be pack leader with dog knowledge would be best for Seamus.  He is a great dog who deserves a loving home that appreciates his wonderful qualities.  He is currently in Virginia Beach, VA.  If you are interested in him fill out our Adoption Application and email faithgsp@yahoo.com with any questions.