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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

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October 22, 2018

We always are in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our application through the link above!


Moose is a 7 month old puppy weighing 40lbs. Moose will need to be in a home with NO OTHER pets. He has been around children as old as 10 and done fine. He is a typical GSP puppy but he was not well socialized or exercised. He is house broken and crate trained. Moose will be attending a board and train program starting 10/26 to help with his manners. If he interests you please fill out an application.


Jake is a senior neutered male GSP.  His family is military and is moving away.  We would love to find him a permanent spot and rescue would be willing to support his needs for the rest of his life.  Pls let us know if you have a big heart and can possibly help Jake.

He is house trained and good with other dogs and children.  He knows sit, stay, and come; may
 need to say commands more than once with hand signal.

This sweet boy deserves a warm bed and lots of love.  If you can help us with Jake pls let us know.  He is currently in Newark, DE.


Addie is a beautiful 2 year old female GSP weighing 45lbs. She is a very energetic girl and will need guidance to learn proper leash skills and manners. Luckily, Addie is very smart and food motivated so training should not be difficult. Addie loves people and truly believes that she is a lap dog. 

Addie needs to be the only dog in the home. While she has gotten along with submissive dogs she does not like sharing her space with cats or dogs. She can jump a 5ft fence, so 6ft fencing or fencing with efencing to back it up will be necessary.

 Addie would make a great running or even agility companion. Addie loves to play fetch and will be happy to settle nicely by your side once she has her exercise. If you are looking for a loving, energetic, petite girl, then Addie is the dog for you! Addie is being fostered in the Annapolis area, please direct all questions to Emily at warnock.ea@gmail.com.


Cowboy is an approximately three-year-old super sweet GSP who came to us as a stray from West Virginia. Cowboy weighs 59lbs and is neutered and up to date on his rabies and vaccines.

Cowboy must have been an indoor dog at some point, as he is housebroken and lets you know when he needs to go out. He is not crate trained. Cowboy loves to play fetch and snuggle. Cowboy is great with our kids (9, 11) and everyone he meets.

Cowboy is really strong, and probably would be better in a house with older kids. Cowboy will need help to improve his leash manners and to learn basic obedience. So far he has proven to be very food motivated, so he should be easy to train.

Cowboy is being fostered in Washington, DC. If you are interested in making this sweet boy a part of your home, please fill out an application on our website.


Miles is a young (estimated 2 years old) black and white pointer.  He is on the small side, about 35 pounds and will probably be at full weight around 40 to 45 pounds. He is VERY social – loves to interact with people and other dogs. Miles has not been tested with kids.  He gets along grandly with his foster parents’ male pointer.

Compared to the typical GSP, he is low energy.  He walks easily on a leash. Miles is house trained but has not had much other training.  At night, we kept him in a crate at first, but he seems to be happier loose in the house overnight and has not been destructive at all. He sleeps through the night until he feels it is time to get up for breakfast, when he lets us know.

He does have separation anxiety issues and does not like to be left alone.  He has climbed our 4 ½ foot fence, so a higher fence is recommended.

Miles is a ‘vocal’ boy – lots of whines, howls, and barking although that has decreased since he has settled into a routine.  As long as he is with his people, he is a very sweet little guy.

Miles is being fostered near Chestertown, MD. If you have the room in your heart or home for Miles, please fill out an application.


Luke is a 4 year old neutered male GSP weighing approximately 70lbs.

Luke is an energetic boy and must have a yard of his own to run around in. Luke has long legs that need to stretch out and he would make an excellent running companion. Luke is currently with one of our board and train trainers working on his manners. Luke is crate and house trained and has a very good grasp of basic manners. Luke does well with other dogs but please no cats!

Luke is a giant cuddler, and would love to be your very large lap dog. He would be best suited for a home with kids over 12. As a puppy, Luke was left alone in a crate for 12+ hours at a time. We would love to see him in a home where someone is home more often than that! Luke also does really well with a canine companion so a home with another dog is a plus!

Luke will finish his board and train 11/5 and we are hoping to move him directly to his new home! If he interests you, please fill out an application and email any questions to Emily at warnock.ea@gmail.com


Ruger is an extremely handsome 8 month old GSP that will be neutered this week.  He is also around 50lbs and is still growing. I think he is going to be a big boy. He is very full of energy and is always on the go.  Although he’s been doing great in his kennel during the workday, he does even better when I spend the day with him.  He is a great dog and is always so happy.  

He seems very people oriented and would easily become an off the leash dog.  However, I could see an issue with him being a possible jumper. He has not challenged our fence. If bored or unattended he could easily clear a 6ft fence.  He also learns very quickly.  Sit/down/roll over are almost spot on. Doing very well with the leave it command as well as working on stay. 

Ruger is a LOVER!!  He just wants to be the best boy he can be. He is protective of the house and us. However, turns into a cuddle bug as soon as approached. With consistent training he is going to be incredible. Very well behaved in public and will automatically sit before people begin to pet him. He is well socialized with all dogs and just wants to play. We have not tested on cats.  I do believe he would do well with all aged children. But, would be best with older. He is still very puppy-like  and is a ninja when it comes to stealing soft and small items.  Complete supervision is a must if toys/socks were to be left out. 

Ruger is being fostered in the VA Beach area. If he interests you, please fill out an application!


Samson- Adopted

Samson is an approximately 18 month old male who should weigh between 60-65 pounds once he’s done growing. He came into rescue after being picked up as a stray in rural WV. 

He is a very active but well-mannered boy who gets along with absolutely everyone, human and canine alike. He is being fostered with a 12 year old female GSP and 9 year old and 6 year old children, and he loves everyone. He has been to the dog park and played with everyone from Yorkies to 100+ pound Huskies and Dobermans. He will jump in the lap of anyone he meets and will enjoy any attention he’s given. He is great on a leash and is learning his name and commands quickly. He is food motivated and an incredibly fast learner so should have no trouble with advanced obedience as he ages. He is being fostered in a home with a 6 foot privacy fence but hasn’t shown any inclination to escape – no digging, jumping or climbing. He loves dog toys and hasn’t shown any desire to chew or play with anything inappropriate – he will carry a stuffed animal around like a prize and toss it around when he’s bored.

He appears to have been someone’s pet since he is socialized, housebroken and walks well on leash. We are working on crate training and he is now sleeping through the night in the crate. Samson would do great in an active household on his own or in a household with just about any other dog or dogs – he has been with males and females of all ages, sizes and temperaments and is a very well-behaved puppy who knows how to play submissively and how to appease. He’d be a great fit for anyone who wants a long term companion who is smart, active and loving.

Samson does have some filling out to do as he continues to age and some muscle weight to put on. 

He will be available for adoption once his neutering is complete – he is being fostered in Potomac, MD and is available to be seen.


Kitz is a 20 month old neutered male GSP. He is microchipped and utd on vaccines.

He is house trained but has not been crated much, he is fine left out in his current home. Kitz is efence trained and has worked with an obedience trainer so he knows several commands. He is good with other dogs and with children.

He is energetic and needs an owner who exercises him. He loves, loves, loves to play fetch. He loves other dogs and is a great canine playmate and companion.

Kitz is a very affectionate boy who wants to please. He is a big strong boy and is energetic. With professional training, he is learning basic commands, sit/stay/come. He needs more work on heel as he gets excited about worldly distractions.He is great with the 11 year old GSP he is in the foster home with. He minds her and adores her. We think he would be happier with another dog in home.

He is not good with cats. Good with kids but may knock over a toddler. Very good at sharing his things. He is good alone in house - no destructive behavior at all. Kitz needs a person who will continue with his obedience training.

Kitz is being fostered in the Silver Spring, MD area. If you are interested please fill out an application!

Cooper- Adopted

Cooper is Daisy's brother but they have not lived in the same home.  He is 2.5 yrs old and a liver tick.  He is also fine with other dogs.  Our volunteer who met him said he is sweet as pie.  He is best with kids 8 yrs and older.  He is being fostered in Silver Spring, MD.

Billy- Adopted

Billy has been in foster care now for little over a month. He's made so much progress we felt we needed to update his biography. Billy is still just as sweet and affectionate as he was from the beginning. He is now neutered, UTD on vaccines, and ready for adoption. He's gained 15lbs and weighs 49lbs. He needs to gain another five or so pounds to be at his ideal weight, but as of right now he is looking and feeling great. It is clear to us that he is feeling so much better because he is much more confident! He now enjoys long walks and running whereas before he did not have the muscle mass or energy to withstand it.

Billy has adapted remarkably well to indoor living with people of all ages, dogs, and cats. In just one month, he's learned to use the stairs, walk on a leash, sleep in the kennel, and is almost completely housebroken. He's learned to trust children of all ages (he is currently living with a 7 year old, 4 year old, and 10 month old). We introduced him to a kennel to assist with housebreaking him. He was at first very stressed in the kennel, but he now will voluntarily sleep in the kennel! He's also learned to live with another dog. We had a friend visit with her pitbull and he did very well with her. At first, he was nervous but after the second day he learned there was nothing to worry about and would hang out with her.

We have learned that Billy is a highly trainable and adaptable young dog. He responds very well to positive praise, and this has made training him quite easy. I still think Billy would do best in a home where somebody is available to continue with basic training. He's about 60-70% of the way there. A less chaotic home is preferable, but he is thriving in our rather busy household with many young children. We are very confident he will continue to progress in a loving home.

Billy needs a very secure fence. He can slip through a small hole in our fence that is about 1ft in diameter. This may change when he adds more weight, but I also think he has the ability to learn to climb. The good news is that Billy isn't a runner. If he gets out of the fenced area, he tends to go to the closest human or to the front door of the house to be let back inside. So, as long as he's not left outside unattended he will be fine. (He escaped from our house because I wouldn't let him back inside until he peed. So he squeezed out to try his luck at the front door.)

Billy is a wonderful dog. He has endured some serious hardship, and he is looking forward to a life full of love and comfort (and training)! Billy is being fostered in the Sterling, VA area.

Daisy- Adopted

Daisy is 2.5 years old female GSP. She is up to date on her vaccines and spayed. She does fine with other dogs and people.

She is submissive female who is being fostered with a dog savvy cat, her former owner said she would chase a cat.  Daisy LOVES attention from anyone and everyone.  She is being fostered with 2 girls < 10 yrs old and she is great with them.  She is a true velcro dog and sticks right by your side.

She doesn't currently know any commands but her foster home will start working with her on those.  She came from WV and has always been an outdoor dog.  Yesterday she started learning what it means to be in the house.  She is navigating the stairs and all flooring perfectly fine. She rides in a car like a dream, a great traveler.  

Daisy is very good on a leash, she loves to take walks.  Her name can be changed as she does not know it.  When she gets excited her whole body wags.

She has some extra weight currently and we are going to work on slimming her down.  She is being fostered in Westminster, MD with 2 male GSPs.