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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - $150

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September 10, 2019

We always are in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our application through the link above!


Bandit is a 5 yo, 43 pound, medium energy, sweet GSP. 

Bandit follows the lead of the female GSP in his foster home, because she is a confident and kind pup. Bandit is house trained, walks well on a leash - he pretty much walks right beside you - and doesn't pull at all. He's not a digger or jumper, and only will get on the couch or bed if he is invited. He's not much of a barker, and his bark is pretty soft, so he's a quiet boy. He has zero aggression.

Bandit has some anxieties because of this first two years of life, and also with new situations and thunderstorms. He'll need a home that is understanding of his issues and will work with him to build his confidence. He is timid at first but once he knows you can be trusted, he is fine. Bandit is not a candidate for e-fencing and will require a physical fence.  He prefers the company of another dog in the home, otherwise he has anxiety when his people leave, but if he has another dog he is okay. 

Bandit is located in Silver Spring, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an application.

Penny Snow

Penny snow is a 2 year old spayed female weighing approximately 58lbs. Penny Snow's owner loves her dearly, but she is too much energy for her! Penny Snow is looking for an energetic home to love!

Penny Snow is healthy, intelligent, and loves other dogs. Penny Snow has completed professional basic obedience. She knows her commands and is house and crate trained. Penny Snow is not good with cats. She is good with kids but because she still has some puppy exuberance she may jump when excited. 

Penny Snow is crazy about tennis balls- she will play fetch all day. A good quality tennis ball is a must. She will play with three balls at a time. Penny Snow bonds very passionately to her owners. She is quite happy to spend time with them especially if they are outside. Penny Snow is easily trainable and her owner thinks she would make an excellent agility dog!

Penny Snow is in Brooklyn Park, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an application!


Stella is a gorgeous all black 7 year old female weighing about 50lbs. Stella is in need of a home where her owners are around more often than not. She does not do well when left for a full work day.

Stella is good with kids and other dogs, although she is way more interested in people than dogs. She is not good with cats due to her high prey drive. Stella is house broken and has her basic obedience down. She knows, sit, stay, down, and come. She is very energetic and would make an excellent running partner.

Stella rides well in the car and loves to play fetch. She will need 6 foot fencing or efencing. Stella is being fostered near Hampton, VA. If you are interested in making Stella a part of your family, please fill out an application!

Courtesy Listing!
Please check out our PetFinder pages for dogs that are not part of our program but are still looking for their forever homes!

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Maggie- Adoption Pending

Maggie is a beautiful senior girl weighing in at 45lbs. Maggie found herself in need of a new home due to a move in the family.

Maggie is house broken and is fine when left with free reign of the house. She enjoys lounging in the sun and going on walks. She is good with kids and other dogs. Even though she has slowed down, she has a lot of love left to give!

Maggie had her senior blood panel done and she is healthy. She is looking for a home where someone either works from home, works part time, or has a dog door so she can let herself out as she pleases. Maggie will quickly become the queen of your house and your hearts!

Maggie is in the Kensington, MD area. If she interests you, please fill out an application!

Jack- Adopted

Jack is an 11 year old neutered male weighing in at 70lbs. Jack found his way to rescue after being turned into a shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. Jack's foster mom said he has the energy and enthusiasm of a 7 year old!

Jack loves being with people. He will try to follow his foster mom into the bath! He loves cuddling and playing. Squeaky toys are his favorite, the louder the better! Jack is crate trained and house trained. Jack rides well in the car and loves to go for car rides.

Jack has done great with young children that come to visit his foster mom. Jack is still very prey-driven from his past hunting days, so he should not live with cats. Jack is fine being left alone through out the work day.

Jack is currently in the Richmond, VA area waiting for his forever home. If you are interested in meeting Jack or learning more, please fill out an application.

Grace- Adopted

Grace is an 8 year old female weighing approximately 65lbs. Grace is quite the traveler having been adopted from a shelter in Nevada and spending two years on the West Coast. She has decided to become an East Coast dog and is looking for a permanent spot due to her owners relocating.

Grace is a wonderful girl. She bonds quickly to people and loves other dogs, kids, even cats! She is house broken and knows her basic commands. She loves to ride in the car and swim in the stream. She is happy to go for walks and will chase the ball until your arm falls off.

Grace can be trusted free in the house when no one is home. She calmly greets strangers and isn't much of a barker. In the house her owner describes her as calm and well mannered, but take her to a field or the beach and she is full throttle! Grace would make an excellent dog for someone who is outdoors a lot and looking for a hiking/walking companion.