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Dogs 0-6 months - $600
Dogs 6mos-3yr - $500
Dogs 4-7 yrs old - $400
Dogs 8-10 years old - $300
Over 10 yrs - $250

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December 04, 2022

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!


Cece is a petite 1 yr old GSP weighing 35 lbs.  She is a sweet little package, just the right size.  She is house and crate trained and utd on vaccines.

She loves to play with her four legged foster siblings and her toys. She gets along well with other dogs. Cece loves people and wants to meet everyone, she is just a social butterfly.

Cece learns routines quickly as she is a smart girl  She is currently in 5ft fencing, which is a good height for her, as you can see from the below photo, she can easily perch on a porch railing. This girl will definitely entertain you!

Cece would love a home where she gets attention and exercise. She is a work in progress on leash but very food motivated. With the proper training and patience she would be a great candidate for agility or dog sports. She is currently fostered in Severna Park, MD. If you are interested in her, please fill out an Adoption Application.


Cheeto is a very handsome and energetic 3 year old GSP.   He is very sweet and eager to please. He also has boundless energy. He would do well in a home that has someone who will run with him or is willing to keep him busy with a “job” or activity. We have been working on learning fetch. Currently he loves chasing after the ball and then running around the yard playing keep away.

We are currently working with Cheeto around smaller dogs. He doesn’t seems to understand his size and that every thing doesn’t want to play like him. He has been friendly with larger dogs so far.   He can be possessive of food and bones, so feeding separate and giving bones with oversight is required.

Cheeto is still learning to walk well on a leash with a collar.  Learning basic loose leash walking would be very beneficial to him.   He does listen quite well and has been responding to the “beep” function of an e-collar.

Cheeto will need a home with a 6” foot fence, or possibly and electric fence, as we have been told he can jump a 4” fence. 

Cheeto will need a family that loves to have a cuddle bug of a dog. While Cheeto does sleep in a dog bed at night he does prefer to snuggles on the couch and does NOT understand personal boundaries. He sits on feet and lays in laps. I’m pretty sure he has no idea he is 45 solid pounds of muscle. He understands some commands, such as no, sit, lay, off, stay and paw.

Cheeto will be a lovely addition to a family that has time and energy to commit to this young, handsome, energetic dog.  Pls fill out the Adoption Application if he interests you.


Zeus is a 7 year old male GSP weighing 54 lbs.  He is house and crate trained.  Don't let his age fool you, this guy loves to play fetch, go for long walks and swim.  Zeus went to a 4 week board and train and knows his commands well, I practice them daily with him while on walks at the local parks,  something he very much looks forward to on a daily basis.  His training did involve an ecollar and he listens very well off leash once he knows you.  So if you are looking for a hiking companion, he's your guy.


He absolutely loves his toys, when you enter the room he feels obligated to bring you one of them.  If you'll toss it for fetch, even better.  He does not destuff his stuffed toys.


Zeus is ready to go at a moment's notice.  We are not sure about other dogs, so we are seeking an only dog home.  Our boy would do best in a home without children.  


Zeus is a perfect dog for an active single person or couple.  He LOVES to get out and go on adventures.  It is best to keep him off of the bed, if you disturb him after he falls asleep he can be a grump.


Is Zeus a fantastic dog, yes, but he does need some specifics in his new home.  If you are looking for an active dog who likes to do things, he is your guy and he loves doing it.  If you are interested in Zeus, fill out our Adoption Application and mention him in the comments.


Bert is an 8 yr old neutered male GSP weighing @ 68 lbs.  Bert is house trained and sleeps on his dog bed.

This guy is excellent with children and is good in 4' fencing.  He is very good off leash and knows many commands.  Bert is not good around other dogs and would need someone to work with him on this behavior.  So we are seeking an only dog home for him.  He is a good and loyal dog, doesn't need crated as he is not destructive.

Bert has moved to Maryland from Iowa and finds our state a bit more congested with people.  So he is seeking someone who will take him out and exercise and play with him as he had space in Iowa to run and play.  He is an athletic boy.

Bert is currently in Bethesda, MD and would love to meet his new people.  If you are interested in Bert pls fill out our Adoption Application.


Moose is a 5 yr old neutered GSP.  He is crate trained and house trained, weighing around 52 lbs.  He needs a specific introduction to dogs, otherwise he can act improperly, due to this we are seeking an only dog home for him.  He is athletic, so a 5' or higher fence or an efence would be best as he has jumped a 4' fence in the past.  He is good with children in the home.

He is a happy go lucky GSP, just enjoys a carefree life.  He knows some commands: sit, paw, and stay.  Teaching him the "place" command would help him to be more solid doing a stay.  He loves being with people for belly rubs and kisses, going for car rides and long walks (he does best on a prong collar), and chilling on the couch.  Although he wants to play he doesn’t know how to play with toys but he is quickly learning in his foster home. 

This boy is your typical GSP, looking for a job.  As a solo dog he is a gem and won't disappoint you.  

Moose is being fostered near Brunswick, MD.  If you are interested in seeing him pls fill out the Application above.

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We now list dogs needing homes, but not through our program on out Petfinder page.  Please reach out to the contact listed in the dog's bio if you are interested! 



Honey-Adoption Pending

Honey is an 11 month old spayed female GSP.  She is utd on vaccines, house trained and crate trained.  We cannot say enough about what a great dog Honey is.  She is a sweet moderately energetic girl. She loves being outside and going for walks. She is smart and so far has learned many things, such as sit, stay, and down. She goes in her crate willingly and usually heads in there simply when told to do so. She sleeps in her crate but would prefer to sleep in the bed and snuggle. She loves being pet and loved on and is simply happy being wherever you are. She is friendly with other dogs and people both on and off leash. She could use help with walking better on the leash as her excitement outside gets the best of her. She currently is in a fenced yard and doesn’t seem to challenge the lower 4 foot section. She is great with my kids and their friends when they are in the house. She has no interest in counter surfing and doesn’t touch anything in the house that isn’t hers. She is a great dog and will make an awesome pet for families of all different lifestyles. 

Honey's former owner did not have a fence and the neighbor had chickens, which interested Honey a lot. She is prey driven and cannot live with cats, or chickens, but she is extremely friendly with other dogs!

This little girl loves toys and is grateful for everything she gets.  She lived with 3 young children in her former home, so she is people, kid and dog friendly.  Honey is beyond excellent with children.  She sits nicely but has not had structured obedience lessons, which would be a great way to bond with her new owner.

Jo- Adopted

Jo is a 1-year-old German Wirehair Pointer (GWP) weighing 59 lbs.  Coming all the way from Serbia, Jo has had a long journey to the United States. She is super sweet but initially shy when making new friends. She is fully house trained and walks great on a leash. Loves playing with her foster brothers and snuggling after a walk or romp in the yard. Her stylish beard fits right in your lap and her coat is super soft.  Even the vet commented on what a nice dog she is.

She is working on crate training, she’s almost got it. Jo loves sleeping with her foster human sister at night. She’s an athletic girl who shows some interest in wildlife but has not attempted to jump a fence however she would do best with a 5 ft fence or higher.  Jo is an excellent car rider, just sits in the back seat and watches the world go by.

Being just a year old, Jo needs lots of toys to play with, if left unattended without them she will get into things. She is eager to please and will make a great hiking or running partner in the future. Around the house she likes to know where her humans are, so she does not stray far from her people.

Jo will make a great family pet or simply a best friend to someone who needs snuggles and likes to walk.  Jo is also cat friendly, she is living with a cat currently in her foster home.

Jo is currently fostered in Westminster, MD If you are interested in Jo, fill out the Adoption Application above.

Penny- Adoption Pending

Penny is a GSP/English Pointer mix puppy. While she is a very sweet girl, she can be shy when meeting new people.

Penny would do great with another dog in her home. She enjoys following her canine foster sister around and it seems to bolster her confidence. She would prefer a quieter environment and would be best in a home with kids over 10yrs. 

Once Penny is comfortable in her new home, her personality comes through and she is sweet as pie!  She is fully house trained and ready for new adventures in her new home.

Penny is being fostered near Union Bridge, MD. If you are interested in Penny, please fill out an Adoption Application.

Rowdy- Adopted

Rowdy is a stunning almost 4 year old, 65lb male GSP that lives up to his name! This boy is a lot of fun, but definitely needs an owner who understands the breed and can get him some exercise!

Rowdy is house broken and while not totally crate trained he can be bribed into his crate for the right treat! This boy needs room to run or a partner to run with. He was running with his previous owner until an injury took her out of the game. Rowdy is great with other dogs and would love a canine companion in his new home.

Rowdy is electric fence trained! In fact, it would be a big plus if his new home had an electric fence, because this guy can easily scale a 4ft fence. Rowdy knows "sit," "down," "paw," "speak," and "stay" (for at least one second...some reinforcement might be needed). Rowdy is very prey driven and cannot live in a house with cats. Due to his boisterous and fun loving nature, we recommend a home with kids over 8!

Rowdy is currently in Purceville, VA. If he interests you, please fill out an Adoption Application.

Margo- Adopted

Margo is a sweet approximately one year old female weighing 54lbs. Poor Margo was found as a stray and was at the shelter for a while, so she is now enjoying settling in to her foster home.

Margo is a little shy at first, but she warms up quickly to people. She is dog friendly and was non-reactive to cats when tested at the shelter, so she may be able to live with cats! She really enjoys relaxing in the sun and being with her people.

She is a medium energy GSP, not bouncing off the walls crazy, but she enjoys romping in the yard and going for walks. She also rides quite well in the car. She is house broken and crate trained and working on her basic obedience.

Margo is currently in Chesapeake, VA. If she interests you, please fill out an Adoption Application.