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Adoption Fees:  

Dogs < 1yr - $475
Dogs 1-2 yr old - $400
Dogs 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - $150

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January 20, 2020

We always are in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our application through the link above!


Fritz is a handsome, loving and playful 10-year-old male GSP who came into rescue after his humans passed away. He settled in with his foster family within minutes, and was soon giving kisses and cuddling all of his 80-pound body as close as possible.

He LOVES every human and dog he has met. We have not yet seen him around very young humans, but he is so gentle and kind that we do not think this would be a problem. He knows how to“sit” and “heel”, and this smart boy is learning to“stay”,“down”and other commands. He is house-trained and exercise pen-trained (a crate is just a bit too small). He does not jump upon furniture. Fritz’most favorite things include walks, playing tug, carrying several toys around in his mouth at the same time, exploring outside and basking in the sun. Oh, and treats....lots of treats.

Fritz had a torn knee ligament when he arrived in rescue, which has been successfully fixed. He completed 6 weeks of severe exercise restriction (which was no fun, but he patiently tolerated) and is healing perfectly. He is SO excited to now start working back up to running full-steam, chasing critters, swimming, fetching buoys and catching Frisbees again.This affectionate boy would do best with a family who can spend a good amount of time with him, give him many tummy rubs and have a fenced-in yard. We think Fritz would do well as on only dog, but would really thrive with another dog in the family.

Fritz is fully vetted, neutered, up to date on all shots and heartworm negative. Fritz is being fostered in Annandale, VA. Since Fritz will still need to see his knee doctor, applicants must be willing to take him to Annapolis, MD for his doctor's appointments (he should only need 2-3 more and rescue will pay for them)! If Fritz may be a good addition to your family, please fill out our adoption application.


Shadow is a 3 year old female GSP weighing 45lbs.

According to her owner, Shadow is the most athletic GSP he has ever seen.  She has energy to burn.  Shadow’s natural hunting instincts are very high and she is always on the hunt.  If there is a critter nearby, she is after it.  She has caught squirrels and birds in the back yard, and would not be suited for a home with cats. Shadow is excellent with other dogs and has lived with another female GSP.

Shadow needs a lot of attention and exercise. She is able to jump a 6ft fence, so she would be an excellent candidate for efencing. Shadow is crate trained and house broken and knows her basic obedience. She does pull on a leash but with a little training and consistency, she should be great! Shadow currently lives with a 2 year old child and is wonderful with her.

Shadow is currently in Bristow, VA. If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application!


Meet Magoo a very handsome, curious 2yo male GSP.  He happily settled into his foster home; adapting to domestic life, routines, and crating.  When time to crate he is really good about going in, but he does cry. 


His personality, behavior and temperament reminds us of a four (4) month-old puppy.  He is a “velcro companion”, not wanting to miss anything – which attests to his snuggling skills.  He shows his affection by nibbling, as if with litter mates.  We are working with him on his basic commands, and ‘kisses’.  Obedience training is encouraged.  While he enjoys treats, if he has to 'work' for them he'd rather do something else.  


He enjoys going on walks, which is primarily his typical potty ritual.  When it comes to other critters, he is curious from a distance; but has no signs of being prey driven. 

This charismatic, energetic, and affectionate stately male is looking for an adventurous home who will give him time for training, walks, and love.  He is being fostered in Brunswick, MD.  Pls email faithgsp@yahoo.com if he interests you and also complete our Adoption Application if you do not have one on file.


Like the name suggests, she’s a young southern beauty.  But, don’t let the good looks fool you, she can keep pace with the fastest most agile runners... dog or human! Dixie is spayed, 2 yrs old and approximately  50lbs. 

Dixie is not for the faint of heart! She is all GSP and will need a breed experienced owner willing to work with her. A few months off delivering what must have been a very good looking litter of GSPs, Dixie is ready for new adventures.  Dixie needs some help with the leash, but she does better if she has a human who can take her for a jog. Right now, Dixie is used to running about 5 miles a day as well as play time out in the yard. After exercise, if invited, she is an enthusiastic snuggler!  As you pet her, you may notice that a surprising amount of her body has worked its way onto you.  And, if your hand is unoccupied, she’ll sneak her nose under it so you have something to rub.   When no one is home, she is happy in the crate and also excited to see you when you return.  

She gets along great with other dogs inside the house and out. Although we do think her ideal play mate would be someone who is young, energetic, and around her same size. She can be overwhelming for smaller or older dogs. She’s been great about going to the bathroom outside. She responds to verbal and gesture commands very well. Unfortunately, we know from her past owner that she cannot live with cats. She currently lives with older children and is fine with them. She may be too boisterous for smaller kids.

Dixie has a high prey drive and is extremely athletic. She will need 6ft fencing or efencing, as she can easily jump a 4ft fence. Her ideal home would include someone who is home more often than not to work with her, especially someone interested in using a professional trainer. Her ideal daily exercise would include someone that can get her to a dog park, 2+ mile run and playing ball in a good sized yard. With the right exercise and proper training, we know Dixie will shine! Dixie is being fostered in Davidsonville, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an application!

Duke & Layla- Meeting an applicant 1/24

Duke is a 5 yr old male GSP and Layla is his Mom at 8 yrs old. Both are very, very sweet.

Their owner is working 12 hour days and can no longer care for them.

These two are very bonded and we have temporarily split them up as it is hard to find a foster home that can take 2 dogs at once.  They are very sad to be apart and are hoping for a wonderful family who would be able to adopt them together.

Duke is a typical spirited and energetic male pointer. He would do well with someone who can let him stretch his legs. Both our housebroken and working on their crate training.

These two will be fully vetted by Rescue and if someone adopts the two as a pair, we will reduce the adoption fee to make it affordable.  We are so hoping to find a home that can take them both in so they can be together again.  Layla is already spayed and we will be neutering Duke.  They are people and dog friendly, although they are very cat sharp and rescue would prefer to place them in a home without a cat.

Pls consider adopting this bonded pair, that would so warm the hearts of us as rescue volunteers.  If interested pls email faithgsp@yahoo.com.  Click on the pictures below to get the full shot.

Courtesy Listing!
Please check out our PetFinder pages for dogs that are not part of our program but are still looking for their forever homes!

No Courtesy Listings at this time!


Gwen- Adoption Pending

Gwen is a 6 month old female GSP puppy weighing approximately 24lbs.

Gwen and her two sisters were found on the side of the road by a good samaritan after they had wandered off. Gwen is the most timid out of the group and is very nervous around people. She will warm up, but she prefers to watch the action snuggled in a corner of the couch. Sometimes, she still panics when her fosters try to pet her but overall she has greatly improved.

However, Gwen LOVES other dogs, even if they don't reciprocate she will try to play with them. Rescue would prefer to place Gwen in a home with another dog because they help build up her confidence. Gwen's play style can be described lovingly as annoying, she likes to try to bat other dogs in the face with her front paws. She plays similar to a cat. So a younger energetic dog that will want to play with her would be ideal. Gwen would be too timid around small children. A calmer household that can work with her to build up her confidence would be what she needs.

Gwen is working on her housebreaking. She is not 100% but she is getting better each day. She definitely cannot be left alone for an entire work day, but is currently doing great during the day in her crate with a dog walker visit mid-day. She rides nicely in the car and is slowly learning that walks are fun and not scary.

Gwen is being fostered in Bowie, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an application on the website!

Rebel- Adopted

Rebel is a gorgeous 6 year old spayed female pointer. She weighs approximately 55lbs.

Not your typical high strung pointer, Rebel is very content to lay on the couch with you. House broke, but I do recommend a crate or confining to a small room when no one is home. Walks great on the leash, we are working on some obedience, but she knows sit and stay. She's very aware of your body language and responds accordingly without any vocal cues. She takes treats phenomenally sweet. 

Rebel has been around kids as young as 2 over over for the holiday and she was great around them. She loves to go outside into the yard, and definitely is more at home in the woods. Rebel doesn't know what toys really are, but is starting to investigate them.


Rebel has some fear issues towards other dogs. She has not had any negative reactions since being in rescue, but her former owner did say she was not good with female dogs. She shows more fearful signs like hiding on the couch or shying away with her tail tucked while outside. She would be quite happy as an only dog.

Overall one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. No mean bone in her body. Literally just wants nothing but love. Good for any household due to her energy and manner. Shes petite and will let you pick her up and hold her like a child. Rides really well in the car. Rebel is being fostered in Salisbury, MD. If you are interested, please fill out an application!

Ellie Mae- Adopted

Ellie Mae is a loving and playful 1 year old female GSP. She is @ 50lbs. Ellie loves kids and dogs and will play with them all day! She is gentle, and has lots of energy. At night after a long day of playing, Ellie enjoys a good snuggle on the couch. She sleeps like a rock at night and wakes up the next day looking for more action!

Ellie is house-trained, crate-trained, and has basic obedience. She prefers to not be in the kennel though. In her foster home, she has been just fine outside of the kennel when left alone for short periods of time and does not chew on things aside from dog toys or rawhides.

Ellie is a food lover! She scarfs all of her food down in seconds and looks for more. She will counter surf and can jump up to inspect the leftovers inside of the kitchen sink. Her foster mom thinks that with some training she will learn this is not allowed. She's very smart and wants to please.

Ellie is incredibly athletic. She can clear a 4ft fence with ease and jump on to the counters on all fours. She will need a house with 6ft fencing or e-fencing. She loves to track smells in the yard. If she escapes the yard, she will bolt while trailing a scent. She needs a home with a secure, high fence for her safety. She will also test the front door to see if she can let herself out for a quick run around the neighborhood.

Ellie is a wonderful girl. She's affectionate and playful and has super soft and floppy ears. She loves all people and dogs! She's currently in a foster home with three children ages 8, 5, and 2 as well as a 1 year old lab mix.  Sterling, VA is her temporary home until her permanent family is found.  If you think you can keep up with Ellie Mae, please fill out an adoption application.

Sarah- Adopted

Sarah is a lovely, sweet, very energetic girl. She is a solid liver, 52 lb., 10 month old puppy who was surrendered to rescue as her former family didn't have time for her. She is utd on vaccines and is due to be spayed and microchipped on Dec. 6th. She is house trained, but like all dogs needs to be taken out on a regular schedule.

She will do well with an active, consistent and firm, but gentle handler, preferably one with pointer or similar breed experience. She needs to be with someone who can devote a lot of time and attention to her, preferably someone who is home or works from home.

Sarah walks beautifully on a leash, provided she has an illusion collar or well positioned small prong. She slips a regular collar easily and she loves to run! She will need a good sized yard.

Her foster Mom is working on recall, but she is not yet consistently returning, more work in this area would be fantastic. She travels well when crated in the car and loves to go on adventures with people. 

Sarah likes people around and will need crated when her family isn't home.  She gets bored easily.  She settles down nicely into a crate, but does not initially like being left and barks at first.

She has shown no inclination to jump a 3.5' fence, although she is certainly athletic enough to do so.

Sarah loves to play with other dogs of similar size and activity level. She will easily overwhelm small, timid or elderly dogs and is not good with cats (although on leash near loose cats, she has shown no interest). She likes to fetch (and play keep away) and play with just about anything, although she gets distracted easily.   A home with another active dog would be perfect for her.

She is sweet with children, but again, will ideally be placed with older, more confident ones as she can easily knock over or scare those under about 5 or 6 years old. 

Her ideal person or family will be rewarded with an affectionate, responsive and lively companion for years to come!  Sarah is being fostered in Wilmington, DE.  Please fill out an application if you are interested in her!