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Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

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January 15, 2019

We always are in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our application through the link above!


Jake is a senior neutered male GSP.  His family is military and is moving away.  We would love to find him a permanent spot and rescue would be willing to support his needs for the rest of his life.  Pls let us know if you have a big heart and can possibly help Jake.

He is house trained and good with other dogs and children.  He knows sit, stay, and come; may
 need to say commands more than once with hand signal.

This sweet boy deserves a warm bed and lots of love.  If you can help us with Jake pls let us know.  He is currently in Newark, DE.


Tas, short for Tasmania, is a 1 1/2 year old neutered male. He is good natured, very energetic, small GSP. He was found in the woods along the Virginia/North Carolina border and taken into a county shelter. Tas is on the smaller side at about 45lbs. When he came to us he had double cherry eye. He underwent surgery to correct the issue, but his right eye will need an additional surgery to completely fix it. Rescue will pay for this surgery, but we would love for him to recuperate in his forever home.

 He has not had any formal dog training but he is smart and food motivated and he is house trained.  He is easy to walk but will does go crazy when he sees a squirrel so he might not be good with cats.    He can go from 0-100 mph and 100-0 in seconds.  I think he might do well at agility.  He is very puppy like in his play and movement.  If you are sitting he will jump at you, but if you pet him or scratch him behind his ears he melts into submission.  He loves people. He could be described as a Velcro dog. I would not put him in a house with young children because he very bouncy. He currently lives with 2 older GSPs and apart from annoying them with his puppy antics they get along well. He is still at the age where he needs things to chew.

Tas' right eye was totally fixed with the cherry eye surgery, he is having a 2nd surgery on the left eye on January 17th.

Tas is being fostered in Silver Spring, MD. If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet boy, please fill out an application! Any questions about Tas, cherry eye, or his treatments can be directed to Faith at faithgsp@yahoo.com  


Darby is a 6.5 year old neutered male who weighs 68lbs. Darby was rescued from the streets of Santiago, Chile, and now due to a change in his home life he is looking for a forever home.

Darby can climb chain link fencing and  will need fencing higher than 4 feet. Darby gets along well with other dogs and is house trained. He has had some professional obedience and knows, sit, stay, down, come, and paw. He knows how to heel but will need a refresher. He is very food motivated and loves to train and do tricks. He walks well on a leash until he sees a critter. He cannot live with cats.

Darby is given free reign of the house when his owners are gone. He does enjoy a mid-day dog walking break, but can reliably hold his bladder and not be destructive for 8 hours. Darby is weary of strangers at first and will bark to announce their arrival, but once he knows they are friends he is quite snuggly. Darby does fine with the baby that lives in his current house.

Darby is located in Silver Spring, MD. If you are interested in making Darby a part of your family, please fill out an application! 


Callie is an 8 month old female GSP/Boxer/Red-tick mix. She is about 30lbs and was found abandoned a few weeks ago.

Callie is an energetic girl but loves her people and other dogs. She is not destructive in the house, but she is a puppy and will need some training. Callie is about 85% house trained. She is working on her basic manners and is learning sit, stay, and come. 

Callie is looking for a home that will help her grow and explore. She is currently in Woodbridge, VA. If she interests you, please fill out an application. Any questions can be directed to faithgsp@yahoo.com


Bentley is a 5.5 year old neutered pure bred. He is very loving, sweet, and has a lot of energy. Bentley does well with most dogs but needs to be in a home without children or cats.

 Bentley has a lot of energy so he would need to pair with someone who could give him a lot of exercise, attention and playtime! Bentley would make an excellent running companion.  He can sit, heal, whoa, rollover and does well off leash (with an E-collar).  He may need a refresher in loose leash walking. While he does love food and treats, he doesn’t go after people food and isn’t a counter surfer. Bentley isn’t protective or aggressive about his food either and when being fed will sit and wait until you indicate that he can begin eating. 

Bentley doesn’t chew furniture, remotes, shoes or really anything (except his toys) thus can be left out during the day. He is also good being crated and really prefers his crate at certain times and definitely in the evenings (although some evenings he is also into snuggling). Bentley can be weary around new people and has a deep distrust of the mail man!  Bentley would be a great dog for someone who can provide him with a lot of love, a big yard/farm, activity, and discipline and in exchange he will return the love and even gives doggie hugs.

Bentley is in White Hall, MD. If you are interested in him please fill out an adoption application.


Moose- Adopted

Moose is a beautiful 8-month old GSP puppy weighing approximately 40 pounds. Moose is a typical GSP puppy:  he is extremely friendly to people; he loves to snuggle on the sofa next to you (or lie next to your head while you sleep); and is very energetic. Moose is house-trained and crate trained, though we have not used a crate for more than a couple of hours; at night, Moose sleeps on his dog bed or a people bed.


Moose knows some basic commands (sit, down, high five), but he will need additional training, including, leash training. Moose is food-motivated (he will try to sneak pizza out of your hand) and should be easy to train. While we are working on the leash walking, we are playing lots of fetch to burn off Moose’s energy.


Moose is great with our kids (9, 12) and visitors to the house.  Moose loves to ride in the car, and one of the favorite parts of his day is getting in the car to take the kids to school. He was not well-socialized as a young puppy and we are still working on introductions to other dogs. He does well with dogs he sees on a routine basis. Moose might enjoy a companion, but no small dogs (or cats).


Moose loves to run and physical fencing is required; Moose will run through an eFence. Moose is being fostered in the Washington, DC area. If he interests you, please fill out an application.

Sierra- Adopted

Sierra is a 2 year old GSP mix weighing approximately 45 pounds, and is working on gaining a little to be at a healthy weight. Sierra was found as a stray in West Virginia.  Sierra is a typical GSP she is extremely friendly to all people big and small and she is stuck to people like glue a typical velcro dog. She loves to give soft kisses and rub her head on any person who will give her a little attention.  Sierra is working on her house-training and does pretty good in her crate, but does not like her crate at night when her family is home and sleeping she'd rather sleep on the couch, I'm sure she'd love the bed to but she has not gotten that experience yet because her foster brothers don't care to share! 

Sierra is working with her foster parents on basic commands along with leash training and is showing very good progress. Sierra loves her treats and is very willing to learn for a little snack! Sierra is great with kids (9, 11) and any visitors we have had over the holidays. Sierra loves her foster brothers (2 male GSP's & a cat) she is definitelyNOT the alpha dog.  She  showed a very strong interest in chasing our goats so farm life would be a blast for her if you don't mind her chasing your animals.  Sierra has been fine with a 4 foot fence and hasn't showed any interest in jumping it, but her foster home has a efenced as well for a precaution so she's also efenced trained. 

Abby & Burley - Adopted

Abby and Burley are seeking a new home preferably together.  Burley is 4.5 yrs old and Abby is 5.5 yrs old.  They are total love bugs.

Both are house trained though neither is crate trained.  The owner simply allows them free access of a certain section of the home and they are fine, not destructive at all.

They are great with other dogs and with children, squirrels however may not make it.....

They are good in 4' fencing or higher, have never attempted to jump.  They do know commands.  They are being rehomed due to a divorce.

A&B are located in Vienna, VA.  If you are interested in them, pls complete our Adoption Application and email any questions to faithgsp@yahoo.com

Rondo - adopted

Rondo is an 8 year old neutered, 70lb male.

Rondo is a sweet lap dog that loves to snooze on the couch, but he still has a lot of energy. He loves to hike, swim, and go for walks. Rondo loves the car and would make the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. He is a big fan of the dog park!

He is housebroken and was once crate trained, although his owners typically leave him free in the house and he is fine. He knows, sit, stay, walk, "load up" (to jump in the car). He is a very smart boy and does well with other dogs. He has never been tested with cats, so we would prefer a cat free home for him. Rondo does well with kids older than 5.

 If you are interested in making him a part of your family, please fill out an application. Rondo is being fostered in the Woodbridge, VA area.