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Dogs < 1yr - $475
Dogs 1-2 yr old - $400
Dogs 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - $200

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May 15, 2020

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our application through the link above!


Jaeger is a 3 yr old neutered male GSP weighing @ 70 lbs.  He is utd on vaccines and on monthly heartworm & flea/tick preventative.

Jaeger is house and crate trained, he is also efence trained.  He currently lives with several other dogs but dogs his own age are best.  He is a bit too much for senior dogs. Jaeger should not be placed in a home with kids.

He has some anxiety/fear meeting new people at times, so a household that doesn't have a lot of strangers coming in and out would suit him, and one willing to put him away when workmen come in until someone can work with him more on introductions.  He has improved a great deal but isn't perfect.  Jaeger is very good walking on leash and loves to go walking at the park.  He is also an excellent car rider.  He is a big strong dog so needs the right owner. He can jump a 4ft fence. 

He loves my senior female but is just too much for her, he can be an only dog or have a friend near his age and activity level.  He really does want to please, just has trouble succeeding 100% of the time.  He is very athletic and would be great at agility.  He knows sit, down, come and no.  He knows his name so changing that is not an option.  He comes immediately when you say it.

If Jaeger interests you, pls fill out our application and email Faith at fmfield@gmail.com with any questions.


Mudge is a 6 year old neutered boy weighing 75lbs. 

Mudge is e-fence trained, knows sit, stay, heal, and come. Mudge gets along great with other dogs and currently lives with a cat. However, Mudge would be best in a home without children. Mudge can be protective over his yard, but once he is properly introduced to people he will love them. Mudge bonds quickly and will be devoted to his family members.

Mudge is a very energetic guy and loves to jog and play fetch. His favorite toy is the frisbee and he needs a home that is willing to throw it at least every day, preferably multiple times! Mudge is an excellent car rider, when told to get in the back, he will jump to the back seat and sit quietly for the duration of the ride. Mudge can be skiddish around loud noises and will not make a good hunting dog!

Mudge is currently in Fairplay, MD. If you are interested, please fill out an application.


Duchess is a stunning 8 year old spayed female, weighing approximately 55lbs. Duchess does best in a quiet, non-busy household.

Duchess is house broken and can be trusted with free reign of the house when no one is home. Unfortunately, Duchess is looking for a home with no dogs, no cats, and no kids. Duchess loves adults and will quickly bond with her people. She becomes very in sync with her owners emotions.

Duchess is a very athletic girl and can jump a 4ft fence, so she will need 6ft fencing or e fencing. Duchess loves to swim. She would swim every day if she could. She also rides really well in the car. She walks nicely on a leash and knows her basic commands. 

Duchess is being fostered in Kensington, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an application!


Franklin is an approximately 2 year old neutered male. Franklin weighs 45lbs but needs to gain about 5 to 8 lbs more.

Franklin is a sweet, cuddly boy with a lot of energy and love to give the right family. He is willing to be active from the time he wakes up early and throughout the day, although he will take long breaks if given sufficient exercise. He sleeps through the night without problem. He is an excellent running or walking partner, but still needs training on how to walk with a leash.

Franklin was a stray and very anxious when he first came into rescue, and still has some anxiety issues. With love and attention he quickly calmed considerably, although he is easily distracted by noises and movements, and jumps at the sound of sharp noises (everywhere) or large vehicles (on walks). He likely remains a flight risk when out in the open, but he is very content to sit within an enclosed garden and has not made any efforts to escape a fenced in area. He is attracted to vegetables and herbs in gardens, but generally leaves landscaping alone. He is learning his name and to come on command, but he is not yet reliable. He loves to sit in the garden long periods and watch for critters. He will try to track down squirrels and birds, and he has considerable jumping ability. He could probably be contained by a 6 foot fence, but an 8 foot fence is definitely behind his jumping capacity.

Franklin is gentle and has interacted well with other dogs. He doesn’t attempt to dominate. My teenage children love him to no end and we suspect he would do well with younger kids. However, his boundless enthusiasm results in some high speed greetings and occasional jumping that could overwhelm infants and toddlers, especially given his size and strength. Franklin is house broken and will go into a crate with some minor resistance, but once inside he is content. He will sleep overnight in a crate. He hasn’t been left alone for long during the day, but we occasionally put him in the cage when we are home to get him used to it. He doesn’t try to escape. He eats his food from the back of the cage even when the door is open.

Franklin has started to receive some training. He can now sit and (occasionally) come on command. He is a strong dog and needs additional training on walking on a leash. He responds to positive attention, and easily retreats from naughty behavior when he is told. He can be mischievous, but if watched over he should be fine as he doesn’t do much damage quickly to off-limits seats or chew items. He loves bully sticks and pull toys. He is smart and has taken well to training, especially in the morning before breakfast, but his attention span is limited and training will be a process that goes beyond fostering and requiring patience and persistence.

Franklin is being fostered in Alexandria, VA. If he interests you, please fill out an application!

Courtesy Listing!
Please check out our PetFinder pages for dogs that are not part of our program but are still looking for their forever homes!


Jake- Adopted

Jake is a 3 year old English Pointer weighing about 55lbs. Jake is dog friendly but should live in a cat free home. 

Jake has been neutered and will be available once he undergoes his final heartworm treatment on 5/8. As Jake finishes his treatment he will need to be kept on an exercise restriction (no running, jumping, or playing) until 6/9/2020. After that he should be good to go and will go on to live a long and healthy life!

In his own words: Hi! My name is Jake & I am 3 years young living my best life with my foster parents. You see, before I was living outside and didn’t receive any vet care or appropriate amount of food and water.  I was tired and sluggish all the time and you could even see my ribs. Although I thought that was normal? That’s until I was rescued and let me tell you.. my life has changed! 

Everything is so new to me so I may seem standoffish at first ..but as soon as I get comfortable you’ll see how goofy and energetic  I really am! Just no sudden movements! I am kennel trained and stand at the front door to let you know that I need to go potty! I love fuzzy blankets, being outdoors, and giving hugs. Not so much a fan of rain or loud noises though.  After all my medications, vet trips, & love I have received, I feel like a brand new pup ready to take on the real world! 

Jake is being fostered in the VA Beach area. He will be available for adoption after 5/8. If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application.

Buddy- Adopted

Buddy is a 3 year old male English Pointer, weighing 40lbs. Buddy loves playing with other dogs and hanging out with his humans.

Buddy is good with kids, people, and other dogs. He is too prey driven for cats. Buddy is crate trained and housebroken, but his foster had a dog door, so any home without one will need to be a little patient with him. Buddy loves to watch birds through the window!

Buddy is a very athletic little boy. He can jump a 4ft fence, so 6ft fencing, or efencing will be necessary. Buddy had a rough start in life, he and 8 other dogs were surrendered when their owner was too old to care for them. All of the dogs were heartworm positive upon intake. Buddy has completed his heartworm treatment but will need to be kept on an exercise restriction for the next 30 days (through May 21st).

Buddy is being fostered in Kensington, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an application, the link is located above.

Marvin- Adopted

Marvin is an approximately 2 year old male GSP weighing 45lbs. Marvin was found as a stray in an area that leads us to believe he was a failed hunting dog. However, Marvin excels at being a housepet. He loves snuggling with his humans!

Marvin is house broken and crate trained and is working on his basic obedience commands. He enjoys being with his people, cuddling, and going for car rides. He savors keeping an eye on his people and laying on his bed where he can soak up the sun!

Marvin likes being outside, but he can be very timid and skittish. Loud noises tend to frighten him and right now he would be a flight risk were he to get loose. He has not been around other dogs, but with proper introductions we think another dog may help him with some confidence issues. Marvin would probably do best in a quiet home that will help him gain confidence. He has not been around kids and we feel older kids would be best! This little guy has melt many of hearts and everyone who meets him says he is sweet, loving, and affectionate. Due to his nervousness, Marvin will need physical fencing.

Marvin came to us Heartworm positive. He has received his final treatment but will need to be kept on an exercise restriction (no running, jumping, playing) for the next 30 days (until May 18th). There should be no lasting side effects to Marvin's Heartworm disease, and as long as he is given his monthly Heartworm preventative (as required in our adoption contract) the disease will not return.

Marvin is being fostered in Brunswick, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an application.