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Dogs < 1yr - $475
Dogs 1-2 yrs old - $450
Dogs 2-7 yrs old - $400
Dogs 8-10 years old - $300
Over 10 yrs - $250

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March 7, 2021

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!


Zeus is a 5 yr old neutered and super handsome liver GSP.  Since September he has been on activity restriction as he had both of his ACL's repaired.  Both legs will be x-rayed on 1/12 and after that he is ready for prime time and available for adoption.

The orthopedic surgeon said that his legs will eventually be 100% but he has to build up to that.  Currently he is doing several 20 minute walks a day.

A perfect home for Zeus would entail the following, no children, secure fencing, if there is another dog it has to be a normal energy dog.  Folks who understand dog behavior will get that.  He is perfectly fine with my 13 yr old laid back male GSP, not so much my 13 yr old female as she has nervous energy that is clear in her personality.  So another dog would need tested, but he has been good around several other dogs.

Once Zeus knows you, you are in "the circle of trust", a friend forever.  But when new people come into the home it is necessary to either go outdoors to meet your guests and stand and talk for a few minutes or put him away until he settles.  I noticed a helpful thing is to give him a tennis ball in this situation.  At that point Zeus will warm up but he does need a few minutes to re-adjust to the changes in the environment (i.e. new people).  Any wrong behavior from Zeus is caused by fear.  Once he knows you, he is the love of your life.

Zeus does not like to be cornered.  When he went to the vet for vaccines we told the vet exactly what the trainer had said - ignore Zeus, act like he isn't there and he will relax.  My vet said those instructions worked perfectly.  Zeus warmed up, came over, got a shot, walked away, eventually came back, got another shot, etc.  This went on until all his vaccines and blood draw were done.

So Zeus needs a non hurried home, someone who will not rush him from situation to situation, someone who gives him a moment to readjust and settle into the new situation.  

He is house and crate trained, but doesn't need crated when alone at home as he is not destructive at all.  He is fully vaccinated and microchipped.  He absolutely loves the game of fetch.  He also finds favor in spotting squirrels and birds up in a tree.  No live game?  That's okay, Zeus will point the possum statue in my flower bed and stay there doing that for a long time.

Zeus is a special guy and needs a special owner who understands him.  If that is you, pls fill out our Application above and we will give you a call.  Address any additional questions to faithgsp@yahoo.com


Arlo is a sweet approximately 4 year old neutered male weighing approximately 45lbs. Arlo was found as a stray and unfortunately we do not think he has had the easiest life. Arlo is heartworm positive and is currently undergoing treatment. He will need to be leash walked for a month after his treatments but is expected to make a full recovery. He will be ready to go to his new home towards the end of March.

Due to whatever poor treatment he received in his past, Arlo is very timid. He wants to be loved so badly and will wag his tail as he approaches, but once he is within range of you, he will drop to the ground and lie still. He wants to know love but isn't always sure he can trust you. He does better with females than males, and because of his timidness, he would do best in a home without kids.

Arlo is almost 100% house broken and loves being in his crate. He really comes alive when he is out on a walk as long as strangers don't approach too quickly. He is good with other dogs but they can also make him nervous. A calm or older dog would be best for him, or a dog that is willing to give him time to warm up to them before enticing him to play. He also rides nicely in the car.

Arlo is a special boy and is really looking for love and his happily ever after. He will be extremely loyal to anyone who is willing to show him that a dog's life should be fun and easy. Arlo is located in Salisbury, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an adoption application.


Remington is a sweet 6 yr old spayed female weighing 40 lbs

She is great with kids and lives with a 2 and 4 yr old.  She has a high prey drive so cannot live in a home with cats or small dogs. Rescue was able to test Remington with other dogs and we do think she would be best served as an only dog. She could possibly live with an older, calm dog that does not want to engage her in play, but she does not like dogs in her face.

She is crate trained, rides well in the car and knows her basic commands. She can and will jump a 4' fence, so she either needs taller physical fencing or efencing. Remi is already efence trained. She loves the water and is a great swimmer, she comes with her own life vest!

Remi prefers to have family around her more often than not. She has never had to be left alone for a full work day and we do not think that would be a good environment for her now. She is wonderful with children. Someone who worked from home or was retired would make the ideal situation for her.

Remi is gun shy so would not be a good hunting partner.  She is also afraid when there are storms. Remington will need to take some time to adjust to a new home, but with patience we know she will be an awesome and loyal companion. She is currently in the Washington, DC area.  If interested please fill out our application in the link above.

Courtesy Posts

The dogs listed below are not in our program but are in need of a home. Please reach out to the contact listed in the dog's bio!


River is a sweet GSP-mix at the Humane Shelter of Charles County, in Charles County, MD. She is 6 years old and weighs 51lbs. She is spayed and up to date on her shots. 

River is affectionate when comfortable with people, housebroken, crate trained, very playful, and listens well in the home and yard. She is VERY smart.  High energy girl who would benefit from large fenced yard.  She is heartworm negative and UTD on all her shots.  She is on heartworm and flea & tick preventative.

She would be a GREAT RUNNING BUDDY. She is a very pretty girl with a bit of an independent streak, but does enjoy a good scratch and a belly rub. She may repay you with a big kiss! 

If you are interested in meeting River, please fill out an adoption application above. Rescue will be evaluating River with a rescue trainer on 12/19, so more information will follow.

Evaluation:  After about 90 minutes of training River was walking beautifully on leash right by the handler's side.  She can be nervous and cautious around other dogs.  For her to live with another dog would take someone with dog behavior experience.  River is well managed on a training collar, we do not recommend a harness type collar as it is too hard to manage dogs with those.  Once she was on a training collar and was getting good direction, River was a very quick learner and performing as was expected.  We see a lot of potential in this girl.  She was just so good at learning and following direction, a very smart dog.  If you are interested in her pls fill out our Adoption Application above.


Freya - adoption pending

Miss Freya is a 6 month old GSP/beagle mix. She currently weighs 25lbs. This sweet girl was surrendered to rescue because she was too energetic for her former owners. She has the energy of a GSP and the bark of a beagle!

Freya is a fast learner and is enjoying all the tricks her foster family is teaching her. She knows, sit, paw, spin, and is working on down, and stay. She is walking pretty well on a leash, but definitely needs help learning not to jump on people when she gets excited. She may be on the smaller side but she is mighty! She can jump straight up on the counter if she thinks there is something she wants up there...she always gets caught because she hasn't figured out she can also jump down!

Freya is currently in 5ft fencing. She gets along well with other dogs and did live with a cat in her previous home. She rides well in the car and is almost completely house broken! She lives with two kids and adores them! Every single rescue volunteer who has met her has described her as pretty close to perfect!

Freya is in the Washington, DC area. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption application.

Goose- Adopted

Goose is a 7 month old neutered male weighing about 50lbs. Goose was surrendered to rescue because he was too much energy for his prior family. Goose is a very sweet and goofy guy.

Goose is very much a puppy. He needs work on his commands and consistency with his house manners. He does know sit, down, and stay (to some degree). He is a big jumper, so would be best with older kids. He loves other dogs and currently lives with three so he gets plenty of romping and wrestling time. His ideal home would have a canine friend with lots of energy!

He is housebroken and will hit a bell by the door when he needs to go out. Sometimes he enjoys crying wolf with the bell just so he can go out and bark at the neighbors. Most of the time he does not abuse his bell privileges. He is also crate trained and will happily "crate up" for a treat. He rides well in the car, and enjoys going for walks. He is not interested in birds, but has not been tested with cats. He is currently in 4ft fencing and does not seem to have an interest in jumping but he is always outside with other dogs.

Goose is currently in the Bowie, MD area. If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an adoption application.

Foster- Adopted

Foster is a beautiful solid black, 1 year old, male Pointer mix who might be part kangaroo. He can jump 5 feet from a standing position and uses his vertical when he meets new people, when he wants inside, or when his people come home. He loves everyone he meets including kids. He currently lives with a 4 year old and a 9 year old and does great with both. Any kids in his forever family will need to be large dog savvy given his exuberance and size. 

Foster weighs in around 60 pounds, but is tall and skinny. Once he gets to a healthy weight he'll probably be closer to 70 pounds. Due to his near constant motion he would do best with a family that has another large active dog. He loves to wrestle and play chase and be outside as long as he has a playmate. He is not particularly dominant or submissive, but does test boundaries like most young dogs. He is currently doing well in a home with a large 2 year old male and 1 year old female.

Foster has slept well crated and with his 9 year old foster kid. When crated he whines/barks intermittently for a minute or two then settles down. He's mostly house trained and only has the occasional accident. He knows "sit", "no", and comes when he can tell you want him. He's a quick study, very responsive and even listens to commands from the kids. He isn't much of a barker, but does bark when he gets super excited, like waiting for meal time. He isn't terrible on a leash but does need work on leash manners.

Other items of interest about Foster: He wasn't fazed by the NYE fireworks. He doesn't seem to care to play with balls or toys.He gives dainty kisses but is the sloppiest drinkier. He doesn't like baths. He hasn't tried to escape out the front door or over the fence, but will need 6ft fencing or efencing. Not sure if he's oblivious or doesn't care, but he hasn't shown interest in squirrels or birds. He's all over the place in the car and needs to be tethered or crated.

Foster is a very sweet young guy who is looking forward to finding an active forever family. He is already neutered and scheduled for his vaccinations 1/14. He is being fostered in Severna Park, MD. Please fill out an adoption application if Foster interests you!