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Dogs < 1yr - $475
Dogs 1-2 yrs old - $450
Dogs 2-7 yrs old - $400
Dogs 8-10 years old - $300
Over 10 yrs - $250

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September 26, 2020

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!


Magnum is an
8-year-old super affectionate neutered male GSP weighing approximately 40lbs.

A beautiful and sweet-natured dog he is a bundle of energy, loves attention and has a very inquisitive nature. He needs time to get use to new situations and environments but is very outgoing. He is learning simple commands and how to walk and run on a leash.

Magnum is partially house broken but can be mischievous if left alone in a house unattended, a crate is highly recommended for longer stays in a house. He is athletic and should be ready to run with a partner on a leash in a week or so, after he is done healing from his neuter. When passing other dogs, he stiffens and almost points, he does not bark but is definitely curious. When he sees a squirrel up close, his instincts take over and he pulls, jumps and barks. Magnum was surrendered with Molly and Missy, so he is good with other dogs. I am not sure how he will act around cats, but currently I think cats would fall into the realm of squirrels (should have an update in a couple weeks).

Magnum sleeps well at night and seems to enjoy a bath. He has not been to a lake yet but he may make a good swimmer. Magnum is currently doing well in the 5ft fencing at his foster home. His ideal home would be one that is willing to work with him on his basic commands and leash walking, but he is such a fast learner that it shouldn't be a heavy lift! We  recommend a home where he can receive plenty of attention and have interactions with everyone, runners welcome!

Magnum is being fostered in the Norfolk, VA area. If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application.


Chase is a smart, energetic 3-yr-old neutered GSP mix weighing 40 pounds. He was surrendered to the shelter by his owner and is eager to find his forever family

Chase LOVES being around other dogs but is cautious with people. He’s very curious when his foster brothers receive love and attention but still shies away from being pet. Chase will greet you with a wagging tail but it will take time and patience to earn this sweet dog’s trust. Although he is nervous at times, he has never been aggressive towards people in his foster home. 

Chase quickly learned to relieve himself outside using a dog door to the backyard. He’s a good boy in his crate at night and when home alone, but he does have to be coaxed into it. He loves to play with his foster brothers and chew on toys. Chase has become accustomed to wearing a collar and is working on his leash manners. He isn’t familiar with basic commands quite yet, but will be a fast learner. He enjoys long naps after exercising and playing.

We’ve never seen his behavior around cats or kids, but think he’ll do best without feline friends and with older children. Chase would thrive in a home with other dogs where his human companions are home most of the day. Chase will be a great family pet with leadership and training. Like his sister, Molly, Chase is not an e-fence candidate and will need 6ft fencing.

Chase is being fostered in Woodbridge, VA. Please fill out an application if he interests you.


Phoenix is an 8 month old neutered male GSP, weighing about 35lbs. He is a little underweight but is working on it!

Phoenix is an energetic boy that loves to play with other dogs. He adores his older foster brother and is having the best time wrestling with him. Having another dog in the household would be a big plus because he is always on the go and always looking for trouble...I mean fun! An active family is a must!

Phoenix would do best with kids over 10 as he is boisterous and may knock younger children down. Obedience training would be a huge plus for him, as he is trying his best to learn the ropes. Phoenix is house broken and he is crate trained, he will whine at first but then settles in his crate. But he is still very much a puppy and can get into mischief, such as chewing shoes, when no one is paying attention. He likes to go for car rides and play non-stop!

Phoenix is currently in 6ft fencing and is doing well. We are not sure how he would do in 4ft fencing. Phoenix cannot live in a house with cats. If you are ready for a fun and energetic new family member, he may be the guy for you!

Phoenix is located in Chesapeake, VA. If he interests you, please fill out an application!

Zeus' Journey

9/17/2020 - Zeus had ACL surgery on his left leg.  It is sore and he is on total bed rest.  He goes back to the orthopedic surgeon on Oct. 2nd and we will update his status then.  At that point she may be able to tell us when the right leg can be done.  This boy has been through a tough time.  When we first saw him only his right leg was torn, we left him with his owner until the surgeon could see him and in that month he tore the left leg.  Since the left was causing him more discomfort, she started with that leg.  Keep Zeus in your thoughts.

He will be in foster care for several months doing these surgeries and rehab.  Our volunteer will continue working with him on socialization with our trainer Don Offutt in Woodbine, MD.  We will be entertaining adopters for him in a couple months and we will be seeking someone with dog knowledge who knows dog behaviors.  The trainer really likes him and after spending a week with him I could tell the two had bonded.  Zeus is a good boy, he just needs someone who understands him and will work with him. 


Zeus is a 5.5 year old male neutered GSP. He weighs approximately 55lbs. Zeus is in need of a foster or adopter who can help him through rehab (ACL injury) and training.

Zeus is a beautiful sweet dog, but he has some issues in new situations, he needs some time when being introduced to new environments to just settle into the space before any requests are made of him. Rescue has him lined up to work with a rescue approved trainer after his ACL surgery on September 9th. He is having surgery with an orthopedic surgeon in Annapolis.  We are really hoping to find a committed foster or adopter who will work with Zeus and follow the trainers instructions. Zeus needs help building confidence and learning that the outside world is not scary!

Zeus is house broken and not destructive when left alone. He is very athletic and is expected to make a full recovery from his ACL surgery. Zeus needs a home without kids and the trainer is going to evaluate his possibility of co-existing with another dog.  So for now we will say only dog home, but this could change.  We are also looking for a home that has dog knowledge on dog behavior.  We think that he can have a fulfilling life in a home with this criteria.  The trainer has stated that wherever Zeus goes to his new home, that he (the trainer) is available for calls and questions.  We all want Zeus to succeed.

Zeus will be available several weeks after his surgery. If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application. Zeus is currently in training in Woodbine, MD, he will be fostered in Brunswick, MD.

Courtesy Listing!
The below dogs are not part of our program, but we are assisting their owners in finding them a loving home. Owners will make the final decisions on placement.


Annie is a 10 year old spayed female pointer mix. She is a very sweet and laid back girl who is looking for someone to spend more time with her.

Annie gets along well with other dogs and could potentially live with cats if the introduction were done properly. She is pretty low energy and is content with walks and hanging out in the sun. She is great with children and people of all ages.

Annie's owners are looking to place her in a loving home where someone is around to spend time with her. She is completely vaccinated and was given a clean bill of health from her veterinarian. 

Annie is currently in Richmond, VA. She is a courtesy listing, so her owner will be making all final decisions on placement. If you are interested in Annie, please fill out an application and mention Annie in the last section!


Caroline - adopted

Caroline is a 6.5 year old spayed female, weighing 47 lbs. Caroline is
good with kids but we recommend 8 yrs or older due to her exuberance.

Caroline is an energetic girl and is trained to an efence. She has
had some professional training and knows her basic commands -
sit, down, paw, spin, drop it, heel and she is learning the word crate.
Caroline lives with two cats, but we are unsure how she would do
with a new cat so we are seeking a non cat home. Caroline enjoys
car rides and curls up in the back seat.  

Her issue with other dogs is over attention and being fearful during storms, her outlet to
those situations is to bite the other dog. So we are looking to place her as the only dog in the home.

Caroline would like a home where someone is home more often than away as Caroline is being crate trained but she does whine when people leave.

When Caroline is passing by other dogs she either doesn't react or she barks, but there is no lunging when out on walks.  She does very well walking on a harness.  On her walks she loves to see squirrels and critters.

Caroline loves to swim and get in water.  She is excellent with people and is very affectionate.  

She is ball crazy and loves playing fetch.  She sleeps on a dog bed at night.  She likes chewing on nylabones.

She does wait for permission to get on furniture.  When she needs to go out she will come and paw at her person.

We do not recommend an apartment or townhouse as she needs a lot of exercise.  When not exercised enough she can get into items and be
destructive.  Caroline very much wants to please her people.

She is currently in Annapolis, MD. If you are interested, please fill out a volunteer form or application.

Molly - adoption in progress

Molly is a 9 month old female weighing 30lbs, so a very tiny girl. Molly is a dilute GSP mix. The dilute gene produces the lemon coloring.

Molly is very timid but definitely wants to be loved. Once she warms up, she does a cute little tail wag and will run at you and "pounce" with both her front paws. While she does not act like a typical puppy, you can see that puppy playfulness want to come out. With time and patience she will make an excellent dog. Right now, Molly is very nervous and isn't too keen on being pet. She will be a flight-risk if she were to get loose and will need time and patience!

Molly is great with other dogs, she does seem to draw confidence from them. Her ideal home would be one where it is quiet and calm, and probably no kids under 10, not that she would be scared of kids but that children tend to open doors without care or concern. She can be lured into a crate with food and she is quiet and keeps the crate neat. She is almost housebroken and working on her manners. Molly would not be a good candidate for e-fencing as she is too timid.

Molly needs someone with a large heart who is willing to take the time she needs to come out of her shell. 

Molly is being fostered in Easton, MD. If you are interested, please fill out an application.

Missy - Adopted

Missy is a sweet petite 8 year old female weighing 37lbs Missy was surrendered to a shelter after living a tough former life.

Missy is just sweet as pie, good with people, dogs, and cats! Missy is good in 4ft fencing and so far appears house broken. She loves to follow her nose and is quite nosey and will make sure she knows what you are up to. She loves to snuggle and can be a little on the demanding side when it comes to affection, but who could say no to that face?

She loves squeaky toys and naps, and has quickly become the boss of her 70lb lab foster brother. Missy is a fast learner and has mastered sit and is getting pretty reliable with her recall. Her energy is on the low to moderate side and would love to just spend time with human companions.

Missy is being fostered in Frederick, MD. If she interests you, please fill out an adoption application.

Zeke- Adopted

Zeke is a 5 year old neutered male weighing about 45lbs. Zeke is a sweet boy learning to get around on three legs!

Zeke lost his leg before he came into rescue. Unfortunately, we do not know how he broke his leg, but the vet felt amputation was his best option. Zeke is currently learning how to manuever, but it really doesn't slow him down!

Zeke is extremely easy-going and loves people and other dogs. He is fine in a crate and working on his house manners. He rides well in the car and definitely loves pointing birds. We have no doubt that Zeke will adjust beautifully to life as a tripod. Zeke will be fine in 4ft fencing.

Zeke is currently being fostered in Easton, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an adoption application!