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Adoption Fees:  

Dogs 0-6 months - $600
Dogs 6mos-1yr - $500
Dogs 1-3 yrs old - $450
Dogs 4-7 yrs old - $400
Dogs 8-10 years old - $300
Over 10 yrs - $250

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August 14, 2022

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!


Dusty is an energetic 2 year old GSP mix. He is around 60 pounds. He is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs. Dusty was found as a stray and taken to a shelter, so we don't know much about his background, but he is just the happiest boy!

Dusty is adjusting to being a house dog and is housebroken. He is crate trained but doesn’t love it. He is hesitant at first but gives in easily. He has not been tested with cats but is good with children. He is best suited to a home with younger large dogs as he loves to play and can sometimes be rough only because he doesn’t know his size. 

He has not been fence tested or e-fence tested yet. He loves to go on walks and would be great for a active family. He is a sweet dog that wants to please. He knows his name and knows how to sit but further obedience training will start soon. Dusty loves car rides and would make a wonderful adventure dog!

Dusty is in Northern VA. If you have room in your heart and home for Dusty, please fill out an Adoption Application!


Meet Burt.  This sweetie pie was picked up as a stray in Hanover Co, VA.  Burt is a small guy at 38 lbs but he needs to gain a few pounds, we are working on that.

Burt was in the shelter for awhile, then they contacted us and we went and broke him out of jail.  The shelter listed him as 3-4 yrs old

This gem is learning what the good life is.  He is adjusting very well to being a household member.  He has a female GSP as a house mate and likes her company.  He is not crazy hyper, Burt just goes with the flow.

Fast traffic makes Burt a little nervous, he prefers to walk in a community where cars are not going by too quickly.  So life in a big city is probably not going to be his preference.  But he absolutely loves going for walking in the community.  He even prefers not to lay to close to the t.v. noise and chooses to lay on a dog bed under the window.  So a calmer, serene house would work well for Mr. Burt.

He will finish up his vaccines and be neutered the 3rd week of July and available to start life in his new permanent home at that time.

He is currently being fostered in California, MD.  If you are interested in Burt, just fill out an application for him.  If you have specific questions just reach out to faithgsp@yahoo.com


Tucker is an 18 month old neutered male GSP weighing @ 55 lbs.  He is house trained, crate trained and on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Our boy is energetic and boisterous.  He is good with other dogs and sometimes likes to play a little rough, so probably not a match for a senior dog or small dog in the home. He currently lives with a female GSP and finds comfort in an adult canine friend. We feel he would do better in a home without kids under 15.

Tucker is not a sit around sort of fellow, he needs mental and physical stimulation, which we say about all dogs.  Engaging and having a good relationship with your dog is key to success.  If you want a dog to hang and lay around the house, a GSP is not the choice.  Mobile moving is the key for them, so if you are looking to engage and be active with a dog, Tucker just might be your guy.

He is good in a 4' fence and went through Off Leash training, which means he has been introduced to an ecollar.  A new owner taking him through a new class would be an excellent way to bond and build a relationship with Tucker.  Tucker needs a strong owner who sets rules and boundaries and is consistent with them.   One of these rules is to not allow him on the bed or furniture, if you are unwilling to be consistent with keeping him off of those items, then Tucker is not a match.   He needs consistency on the rules or he he will try to be in charge and he isn't good at it.  So if you are a dog owner who understands dog behavior and is consistent with structure, Tucker will do just fine in your home.

If you are interested in Mr. Tucker, fill out our Adoption Application above and we will give you a call.  He is currently in Easton, MD.

Beau - foster or adopter

Beau is an 18 month old neutered male GSP weighing 60 lbs.  He is house trained and crate trained.

Beau is too active for his current family and needs a home with defined boundaries and structure that has a human leader, otherwise Beau can try to be leader and he is not good at the task.  Keeping him off of furniture and the bed will help him in knowing he is a dog and not a person.  He is allergic to animal protein, so eats a dog food that has grains but no animal ingredients.

He is good with other dogs and lives with a female GSP.  He is not good with cats.  He should be in a home with older children who understand dogs.  Teenagers and older would be best.

He was given a medication that caused him to have a couple seizures.   He no longer takes the medication.  But knowing this he should never be on oral flea/tick preventatives or a Seresto collar, all have an ingredient that can cause seizure prone dogs to have seizures.

Beau is a friendly dog that just needs a new owner who can manage his energy and work with him on obedience and dog behaviors.  He is currently in Arnold, MD with his owner.

Rossi - foster or adopter

Rossi is a stunning 4 year old liver roan male weighing 60 lbs. Rossi is in need of a home that can help give him time, love, and exercise! He is a wonderful dog looking for a loving home.

Rossi is good with other dogs and kids over 9, smaller kids make him nervous. He previously lived with two other dogs and would enjoy having some canine companionship in his new home. He is very well trained and attended a professional board and train through Sit Means Sit. Rossi is trained on an e collar and is off leash trained. He heals very well and rides nicely in the car.

Rossi is house broken and while previously crate trained, he now is sequestered to the finished basement when his owners are out of the house. Rossi loves to play fetch, a chuck-it will be a necessary tool with him!

Rossi is in Hagerstown, MD. If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Application.


Fiona is a little cutie pie easily mistaken for a puppy but sweet as can be. She is a trim 48 pounds and the vet guesses about 3 years old.  Her energy level is pretty medium - low for a GSP.  She is a timid girl who gets a little startled with sudden movements and new people, she needs a patient owner who will help build her confidence.  A home without young children would be best as the noise of children might make Fiona more nervous.

It takes her some time to settle in and get to know new people, but once you are in the circle of trust it is clear Fiona has accepted you.  She is definitely a velcro pup and likes to be around her people.  She is being fostered with a male and female GSP currently and is located in Silver Spring, MD.  If you are interested in Fiona pls fill out the Adoption Application above.

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We now list dogs needing homes, but not through our program on out Petfinder page.  Please reach out to the contact listed in the dog's bio if you are interested! 



Greta - adopted

She may be small, but Greta has big dog energy. She looks so darn happy zipping through the yard and leaping like a gazelle. Everything is awesome to this little lady, especially treats, and she’s a quick learner if there are tasty snacks involved. Which is good news, because her leash manners are non-existent. She pulls like a truck and windshield wipers across lawns and sidewalks at great speed, laughing at our “no pull” harness. She picked up the commands Sit and No already. And she will make you say No, even if you want to say Yes to everything this brown eyed girl wants. She can tug a rope and chase a ball, but fetch isn’t a thing (yet), and she’d love to chew on some squeaker balls if her foster brother would stop stealing them. She probably wasn’t getting payback when she chewed through his harness strap, but we learned to store all leashes a bit higher and think she’s probably closer to puppy than full adult.  The vet believes she is around 10 months old.

She is a beautiful GSP, with liver roan coloring and a docked tail. We wondered if she failed at gun training, because she does get spooked by loud noises. She needs a couple more pounds on her ribs but is pretty healthy and already bouncing back from her spay surgery. The vet staff all loved her and offered us more sedatives to keep her calm during her recovery. Greta is just as comfortable on the couch as on a dog bed, and will put herself in an open crate when she needs a break. We’ve crated her for short periods of time, and she only whined when we were physically in the same room and she could see us. We have a 3rd grader who can handle Greta’s jumps or bumps in the house and yard, but a child should not hold the leash on walks before Greta is trained. Before her spay, we witnessed Greta sail over the back of our couch with zest and would highly recommend a 6 foot fenced yard to keep her safe. We have not encountered any cats yet. She gets along well with her huge, 78-pound GSP foster brother and wants to rough house with him as if she were bigger than she is at 35 lbs. She likes butt scratches and is getting used to full body pets. If you can get her to stop moving, you can pick her up and she won’t jump away. She’ll give you a funny look, but won’t mouth you if you handle her paws. Warning, your heart will melt when she puts her head on your lap and sighs for ear rubs. 

Greta is being fostered in Arlington, VA.  Pls fill out the Adoption Application above if she interests you.