Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

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Adoptable Dogs!

Adoption Fees:  
Dogs 0-2 yr old - $400
Dogs > 3-7 years old - $350 
Dogs 8-10 years old - $250  
Over 10 yrs - donation

Before submitting an application, please review our Adoption Policies

 August 7, 2018


Toby is a 5 yr old neutered male GSP.  His family could not afford his medical care and needed to give him up.  Rescue is currently evaluating his medical needs and working on finishing his vetting.

Toby needs to be in a home without cats and with children older than 8. He also needs at least 5' fencing and is not a candidate for e-fencing. Toby is house trained and does fine when left free in the house, his owners did not crate him, although he was once crate trained. Toby will need some work on his leash manners, but he is the biggest cuddle bug and loves being with people.

Toby is being fostered in Rockville, MD. If you are interested in him please fill out an adoption application.


Jake is a senior neutered male GSP.  His family is military and is moving away.  We would love to find him a permanent spot and rescue would be willing to support his needs for the rest of his life.  Pls let us know if you have a big heart and can possibly help Jake.

He is house trained and good with other dogs and children.  He knows sit, stay, and come; may
 need to say commands more than once with hand signal.

This sweet boy deserves a warm bed and lots of love.  If you can help us with Jake pls let us know.  He is currently in Newark, DE.

Annabelle & Brownie

Annabelle and Brownie are 2 yr old spayed female GSPs.  They arrived on someone's doorstep last summer and have never left.  They are both spayed and utd on vaccines.

The girls are bonded so the owner prefers that we place them together.  Both are outgoing and friendly.

The girls need at least 5' fencing as the owner feels they could jump a 4' fence.  They are not good with cats, so a non cat home is required.  The girls have had very little training so will need some work with a new owner.  But their little personalities are sparkling, really sweet dogs.  They try very hard to please.

Brownie is more reserved than Annabelle, she sticks close to her people.  Annabelle is ready for a big run and Brownie can be enticed to follow along.  Train Annabelle and you train Brownie.  The picture to the left is Annabelle.

Brownie is happiest when chasing butterflies. They both like bones, and both love water.  Brownie is pictured below.

These lovely ladies are near Amelia, VA.  If you are interested in a pair, these girls get along great together.  If you'd like to give them a home pls fill out our Adoption Application and send any questions to Susanna at [email protected]  The adoption fee would only be the cost of one dog, not doubled, to be sure these girls stay together.



Scout is a very energetic 2 year old neutered GSP and is UTD on his vaccines.  Scout weighs 53 pounds. Currently, Scout resides with an older female GSP and gets along beautifully with her.  He loves the company of other dogs and would do well if he is placed in a home that currently has a dog.  Scout loves to lounge outside in the sun most of the day and enjoys watching the world go by.  He is prey driven and requires a five foot fence or higher. He has not interacted with cats, but seems very interested in the ones that walk around our street.  Scout is a digger and we are working on curbing this habit. 

Scout knows a few commands; sit, wait, down and no.  He is crate trained and does well in his crate.  When we put Scout in his crate, he is given his Kong toy to play with to keep him occupied.  Scout thinks he is a lap dog and is extremely affectionate.  He is afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises and will seek cover in your lap for comfort.  Also. he is afraid of the vacuum, broom and a  mop. 

Scout is a great family dog and does well with our teenage children.  Due to his energy, it is not recommended he be around small children.  He has the tendency to run into people and dogs.  Scout is such a sweet dog and does seem to want to please his family.  He is being fostered in Stafford, VA.  


Smokey is a three year old, approximately 60 pound neutered, very sweet, medium energy  German Shorthaired Pointer. Smokey likes cream cheese over peanut butter, a little bit of beef broth on his kibble and sliced cheese. He enjoys riding in a truck and pointing deer and prey. He also likes belly rubs.

Smokey doesn't like a crate - he will go in one on his own but becomes unhappy if the door is closed on it. He has separation anxiety so he needs an owner who understands these tendencies and can work with him to be successful in a new home. Smokey is entering a 30 day board and train program to overcome this issue and learn general obedience. Once the training is complete, we want to place him with someone who will continue to work with Smokey to reinforce the good behaviors he will learn in training.

A quiet home with no young children would be ideal for Smokey. Someone who is home often and not gone long hours would be ideal.  If you are interested in Smokey and believe you can help him to be the great dog he surely is, please submit an adoption application.  Pls send any questions to [email protected]

Addie - available in September

Addie is a beautiful 2 year old female GSP weighing 40lbs. She is a very energetic girl and will need guidance to learn proper leash skills and manners. Luckily, Addie is very smart and food motivated so training should not be difficult. Addie loves people and truly believes that she is a lap dog. Addie currently greets people by jumping although we are working on that. It is recommended that she live with little humans older than 5, or be watched very closely to make sure she doesn't accidentally knock anyone over. 

Addie also needs a slow and controlled introduction to other dogs. It took her a few weeks to adjust to the male dogs in her foster home, but now she loves to play. Addie is the boss and does best with more submissive dogs. Addie has an extremely high prey drive and cannot live with cats. Addie can not be left alone in the yard as she will look for ways to escape. She can jump a 5ft fence, so 6ft fencing or fencing with efencing to back it up will be necessary.

 Addie would make a great running or even agility companion. Addie loves to play fetch and will be happy to settle nicely by your side once she has her exercise. If you are looking for a loving, energetic, petite girl, then Addie is the dog for you!

Addie is currently in the Bowie/Annapolis area.  If she interests you, pls fill out our Adoption Application and send any questions to Emily at [email protected]


Doc- Adoption in progress

Doc is a beautiful, smart, sweet and active 2.5 year old neutered male German Shorthaired Pointer.  HIs birthday is 11/4/2015.  He is house and crate trained.

Doc spent much of his first year as a "golf course dog" where he would spend the day with his owner who was a golf course superintendent.  Doc would spend his day running alongside his owner's golf cart, chasing geese off the course, or napping in the maintenance office.  Docs loves to play fetch, and would be happy to play all day.  He is very friendly and outgoing with other people and with other dogs.  

He is very strong and occasionally jumps up on visitors, although he stops when gently corrected.  He has not been around cats or young children.  His owner recently changed jobs and Doc now is home in a crate going to doggie daycare a couple days a week, this is insufficient exercise for Doc.   He would be much happier in a more active household.

Doc is in Huntingtown, MD.  Pls fill out our application if he interests you.

Graham-Adoption in process

Graham is a handsome Liver/Roan neutered male.  He is around 1 year old and weighs about 50 pounds.  He is house and crate trained.

Graham is a low to medium energy dog.  Although he has small bursts of energy, he’s quite content snuggling with his people.  In fact, Graham loves his people more than his foster sister, though they play occasionally, he prefers to hang out with his humans  Although he hasn’t been tested with cats, he endured a 3 hour trip from the shelter with 3 of them. He had no issues.  With this, he would be a good only dog, good with other dogs and possibly cats.  He’d also do fine in a smaller yard with a 4 foot fence or taller. 

Graham knows some basic commands but will do well with some more training.  He is eager to please and quickly learning the rules of the house.  He is a smart guy.

Graham is a true velcro dog and loves to be with his people. He’ll be the perfect companion animal and all he asks for is love and belly rubs.  Graham is being fostered in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Pls fill out our Adoption Application and send any questions to [email protected]