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Adoption Fees:  

Dogs 0-6 months - $600
Dogs 6mos-3yr - $500
Dogs 4-7 yrs old - $450
Dogs 8-10 years old - $300
Over 10 yrs - $250

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June 7, 2023

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!


Zeus is a 7 year old male GSP weighing 54 lbs.  He is house and crate trained.  Don't let his age fool you, this guy loves to play fetch, go for long walks and swim.  Zeus went to a 4 week board and train and knows his commands well, I practice them daily with him while on walks at the local parks,  something he very much looks forward to on a daily basis.  His training did involve an ecollar and he listens very well off leash once he knows you.  So if you are looking for a hiking companion, he's your guy.


He absolutely loves his toys, when you enter the room he feels obligated to bring you one of them.  If you'll toss it for fetch, even better.  He does not destuff his stuffed toys.


Zeus is ready to go at a moment's notice.  We are not sure about other dogs, so we are seeking an only dog home.  Our boy would do best in a home without children.  


Zeus is a perfect dog for an active single person or couple.  He LOVES to get out and go on adventures.  It is best to keep him off of the bed, if you disturb him after he falls asleep he can be a grump.


Is Zeus a fantastic dog, yes, but he does need some specifics in his new home.  If you are looking for an active dog who likes to do things, he is your guy and he loves doing it.  If you are interested in Zeus, fill out our Adoption Application and mention him in the comments.


Frankie is a 3 yr old neutered male who currently weighs 50 lbs.  He was turned into the shelter as his owner no longer had time for him.

The shelter said he is a sweetheart, loves people and other dogs.  He also walks well on a leash. He is an exuberant young boy that would make a great adventure dog. He aims to please and has a lot of love to give!

If you’re looking for a watch dog this is not your guy, everyone is his friend!  He is house broken and he quite clearly signals his desire/need to go out.  He’ll be fine in a multiple dog home. As for cats, his two observed encounters showed him to be more inquisitive than anything else.  Frankie is not crate trained but we are introducing him to it gradually. He loves his dog bed and looking out the window.  Frankie has a strong prey drive, especially chasing birds in flight, anything less than a sturdy six foot fence would not be advised.

As his foster gets to know him we will add to his bio.  He is currently in the Newport News, VA.  If he interests you please fill out our Adoption Application.


Fritz is a 2 year old male GSP weighing approximately 48lbs. We have no idea how this boy ended up as a stray because he is just a delight.

Fritz is good with other dogs and currently shares his home with a 6 year old male GSP. He loves having a playmate. He also loves people. He is friendly to all and tries to stand up on his hind legs to hug his foster dad whenever he can! We have not had Fritz around any kids, but we don't think he would have an issue.

Fritz is almost completely house broken and learning to settle in the crate nicely! He walks decently on a leash and is not a big barker. Fritz is currently in 6 ft fencing, but we think he could live in 4ft fencing with supervision at first.

Fritz is located in Chesapeake, VA. If he interests you, please fill out an adoption application.


Don’t let her name fool you - this girl is ALL sweet, and not one bit spicy! Pepper is a 5 year old, 65lb female GSP. Pepper found her way in rescue from a breeder who was getting out of the business. Pepper will be available for adoption after her spay on June 6th.

Pepper is a confident, calm, velcro girl. She loves attention and affection, but is also well adjusted and calm during the day. She’s very adaptable to her surroundings and just loves being around people. 

She is an active girl and fetch and going on walks. She responds well to her name and has a few basic commands such as sit and come, but is eager and motivated to learn more - anything for treats! She is still working on leash training as she likes to pull and was never previously exposed to the leash before. She is crate trained and housebroken. We have not tested Pepper in 4ft fencing, but we do not think she would be a jumper. 

She would be okay with other dogs, including small ones, in the household. She currently lives with a GWP and a small dog and they all interact nicely. She was not tested with cats and children in the house; however, she was neutral with exposure to both during walks. She’s a very loving dog and an all around good girl!

Pepper is being fostered in Washington, DC. If she interests you, please fill out an Adoption Application.


Beckham is a 4 to 5 yr old neutered male who was found as a stray in southern Virginia.  He
is a confident pup and even though independent, he likes to follow his foster canine brother and
sister and his person everywhere they go through the house and yard. 

Beckham is a curious dog and will get into things if he doesn’t get enough exercise, but he is a
medium energy GSP so he doesn’t need more than maybe (2) 30 minute walks a day. He loves his walks and looking for squirrels. His foster home does not currently crate him as he is perfectly behaved with free reign of the home.

He is a love bug and enjoys hanging out on the couch with his foster mom.  He can sometimes do some jumping, so older kids in the home would be best.

He doesn’t bark much – the occasional bark when he sees a dog walking outside or when a
stranger comes to the door. He is people and dog friendly.

His foster home has 6’ fencing but he would be OK with a fence 4’ or higher. He likes
to roam around outside but is not much of a runner. Even though he isn’t a door dasher, he will
follow you out the door if you’re not careful.

If you’re interested in Beckham, please complete the adoption application above.


Hershey is a 2 year old, 65lb male GSP. This boy made his way to a local shelter as a stray before finding his way into his foster home. He is a very fun dog who just wants to play, play, play!

Hershey would love another canine companion, especially one that would like to wrestle. He currently spends his days running around the back yard, tracking birds, and hoping his neighbor's dog will find a way into his yard! He also likes to hunt his foster mom's garden gnomes. They are stationary but he has deemed them a worthy opponent.

Hershey loves to go on walks but will need help with some leash manners. He jumps right up in the car whenever the door is open. He is house broken and is working on learning to like his kennel. He will sit for a tasty treat, but it isn't automatic yet. But he is smart and we think with a little consistency this will be no problem.  We do recommend Hershey go to a home with kids 10 and up, this is just due to his size and the fact that we have never seen him with kids.

Hershey may need 6ft fencing. He is currently in 4ft fencing and hasn't jumped yet, but does seem to want to. His foster will be keeping an eye on this and we will update as we learn more.

Hershey is a wonderful, loving, and energetic boy who is ready for summer adventures. He is currently being fostered in Millsboro, DE. If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Application. 


Sable is a stunning 4 year old 50lb female. She is in need of a new home because the baby in her former home made her nervous.   A home with kids 8 yrs and up would be best.

Sable is a typical GSP that loves to run and play, but she has a nice off switch and is usually calm in the house as long as she has gotten some exercise!

Sable is trained to ring a bell when she needs to go outside, and she is an angel when left free in the house when no one is home. This lady does not need a crate! She is good with male dogs but can be a little iffy with female dogs. But she is good with cats! She currently lives on a farm and is used to goats and horses, but does not like chickens, no surprise there!

Sable is good in 6ft fencing or electric fencing. She knows "sit," "stay," "down," "come," "off," and "out." Sable is already spayed and up to date on her vaccines. She is currently in Northern VA. If she interests you please fill out an Adoption Application.

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We now list dogs needing homes, but not through our program, on out Petfinder page.  Please reach out to the contact listed in the dog's bio if you are interested! 



Molly- Adopted

Molly is an 18 month old female GSP. Molly weighs in at 45lbs. Molly was surrendered to rescue after her owner could not devote the time she needed.

Molly is very sweet, she is good with other dogs and currently lives with two pre-teen humans who she adores! Molly is working on liking the crate, but she does protest at this time so we recommend someone who is going to be home more often than not. Molly is good in 4ft fencing and has a pretty decent recall when at the dog park.

Molly is a delightful girl who is eager to learn and please. Her ideal home would be one where someone was willing to take her to an obedience class to help with her manners and bonding. She loves to ride in the car and is happy to go on adventures.

Molly is being fostered in Washington, DC. If she interests you please fill out an adoption application.

Lola - adopted

Lola is an approximately 18 month old female weighing about 50lbs. This sweet girl was surrendered to a rural shelter and we have no idea why! She is so friendly and loves everyone that she meets.

Lola is doing well with her two male GSP foster brothers. She loves following her foster dad around the house. She is house broken and working on getting used to the crate. At night she prefers to sleep on the sofa and is quite content all night.

Lola is recovering from her spay, so she has not been tested in her 4ft fencing, but we will update that once we know. She seems to have a good recall and is working on her basic commands. She will need some help with her leash walking.

Lola is being fostered in Sandston, VA. If she interests you please fill out an Adoption Application.

Carmel - adopted

Carmel, or Mellie, is a 2 year old 45lb liver GSP. She is a very sweet girl who found herself in rescue when her family had to move to an apartment and wanted more for her. She gets along with everyone including cats!

Mellie is a very sweet girl and loves to play and wrestle with the fellow dogs in her foster home. She loves to chase after balls, but hasn't quite mastered fetch yet. She is house broken and crate trained. In fact, during the rare quiet times in the house she will put herself in her crate for a quick nap. She knows sit, and come, but will need help with some leash work.

Mellie has not challenged the 4ft fence in her foster home. While she enjoys her canine friends, she loves to be with people. As soon as she has done her business she is ready to return inside if the humans are not out with her! She is very gentle with the 10 month old baby in the house, in fact, she is her foster family's first foster dog after having a baby and she has been a very easy foster to get back into the swing of things. She would make an excellent companion for a family with kids!

This girl is a great dog in a small package,so if you are interested please fill out an Adoption Application. Mellie is located in Bowie, MD.

Cooper - adopted

Cooper is a loving, energetic 3.5-year-old male. He weighs 56lbs and is a very fun and energetic boy.

Cooper gets along well with his two GSP roommates. He is a tad vocal when a new person comes to the door, but quickly loses interest. He has not been tested with cats or kids, but we don't think he would have an issue with children, cats are simply unknown.

Cooper is a cuddle bug and loves to give kisses. He loves to greet you with a toy and prefers to have a toy nearby at all times (note: he also likes to destuff toys). He is still learning basic commands and walking nicely on a leash but is eager to please. He currently sleeps in a crate at night (although not his preference) and stays in the crate when his foster human is not home. Cooper is house trained.

Cooper needs an active home that will take him on daily walks and adventures, give him all the love and attention he deserves, and continue to work with him on basic commands. With lots of energy to burn, another energetic dog in the home would be a plus for him. Cooper is good in 4ft fencing.

Cooper even gains praise from the vet, they say he is just a sweet natured boy, he is just an all around balanced dog.  His foster person says he is an easy dog to have around the house.

Cooper is being fostered in Gaithersburg, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an adoption application.