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Adoption Fees:  

Dogs 0-6 months - $600
Dogs 6mos-1yr - $500
Dogs 1-3 yrs old - $450
Dogs 4-7 yrs old - $400
Dogs 8-10 years old - $300
Over 10 yrs - $250

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May 21, 2022

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are able and willing to help give a dog a temporary home please fill out our Volunteer Application!


Ruby is a 7 yr old spayed female GSP.   She is house and crate trained and weighs @ 42 lbs.

She is such a lovable, sweet lady.  She greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail and a smile, she literally smiles and it is quite endearing.

She enjoys lounging on her bed and is a low to moderate energy girl.  She is learning how to walk and behave on a leash and is doing well.  She can be a "flopper".  When she gets excited she drops and rolls onto her back with her tail constantly wagging.

Ruby is being fostered near Norfolk, VA and is ready to meet her new family. Fill out an Adoption Application today!


Ace is a handsome approximately 2 year old male pointer weighing in at 53lbs. Ace was found running as a stray so we don't know much about his history, but his foster, who is a regular foster, says Ace is easily top 3 foster dogs he's ever had! He is a very very easy dog!

Ace must have been a house pet at some point because he pretty much came to his foster house broken. Once he learned the routine and how to ask to go outside he has had zero accidents. He is also crate trained and does very well when his foster parents are at work.

Ace does very well with other dogs, both young and old, and loves to play! He does not live with kids, but he is such a sweet boy, we do not think he would have a problem with them! He does have pointer energy, and a pointer prey-drive so unfortunately cats are out! Ace will challenge a 4ft fence in search of birds or squirrels so 6ft or e-fencing is necessary for this boy!

Ace is currently being fostered in Chesapeake, VA. If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application.


Zeus is a 7 year old male GSP weighing 54 lbs.  He is house and crate trained.  Don't let his age fool you, this guy loves to play fetch, go for long walks and swim.  I have flirted with the idea of dock diving with him once it is warm again.  Zeus went to a 4 week board and train and knows his commands pretty well, I practice them daily with him while on walks at the local parks,  something he very much looks forward to on a daily basis.  His training did involve an ecollar and he listens very well off leash once he knows you.  So if you are looking for a hiking companion, he's your guy.

He absolutely loves his toys, when you enter the room he feels obligated to bring you one of them.  If you'll toss it for fetch, even better.  He does not destuff stuffed toys, he allows them to remain intact.

Zeus is intense and due to this he sometimes gets along with other dogs and sometimes does not act accordingly, so he should be the only dog in the home.  Having just him simply provides a stress free environment in that regard.

Our boy also needs a home without children.  His nervousness sometimes extends to meeting strangers and children cannot gauge that.  But get him playing fetch and you are a life long friend.  So slow introductions are required as he adjusts to changes.

Zeus is a perfect dog for an active single person or couple.  He loves to get out and go on adventures.  He likes affection but is not a marshmallow, meaning he will come over for scratches but is not a snuggler per sey.  I put him on "place" on his dog bed instead of allowing him on furniture. 

Is Zeus a fantastic dog, yes, but he does need some specifics in his new home.  If you are looking for an active dog who likes to do things, he is your guy and he loves doing it.  If you are interested in Zeus, fill out our Adoption Application and mention him in the comments.


Stella is an almost 3 year old female GSP, weighing approximately 70lbs. Stella is looking for a home with dogs over 50lbs. She is not recommended to live with small animals, including cats, birds, and small dogs.

Stella is very friendly with visitors and does well with the 10 and 17 year old in her house. She doesn’t jump, Stella knows sit, stay, come, and place. She will do anything for a treat!! She did have some exposure and conditioning to an e-collar. She is good in 4ft fencing. According to her foster, she is the easiest dog they have ever had!

Stella is potty and crate trained. She is happy to go in her crate at night and when you leave the home. She is a puller when she walks so she needs some work on this. In the house she is happy to be next to you in the couch. Her only bad habit is that she can be a counter surfer if food is left out. Her markings are beautiful and unique too. Stella seems to be fine on walks when dogs pass by.

Stella is located in Towson, MD. If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Contract.


Houdini is a 2-year old gorgeous pup! He may be 2 years old, but he is still very much a puppy, clumsy and uncoordinated. He is crate trained and house trained and weighs in around 60lbs.

He gets along well with his two foster sisters but often has too much energy for them. He’s a rough player and doesn’t know his own strength. He would do well in a household with no small pets or small children and with dogs in his weight class. He would appreciate being part of an active family.

He enjoys playing tug a war and racing around the yard all day. He can also play fetch. Houdini is an extremely high energy dog and doesn’t know when to stop. His foster parents think he would make a great water dog or sport dog. He is very good at athletics. His high jump rivals most Olympic athletes!

He is very intelligent and excels at his standard commands like sit, stay, come, lay down, etc. Houdini is house broken and crate trained and previously lived in 4ft fencing. Although he should be watched when outside as he is energetic enough to jump if he really wanted to. He’s still working on how not to jump up on people and counters. Once he slows down for the day, he can be very cuddly.

Houdini is being fostered in Yorktown, VA. If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Application.


Kimber is a neutered 2 year old male GSP weighing over 60lbs. Kimber is in need of a new home due to his energy and current owner not being able to dedicate enough time to his him. Kimber is a very sweet but energetic boy.

Kimber lives with a young female beagle and they do well together. He should however, be fed separately. Kimber would be best with kids over 10, and does especially well with his teenage neighbors. Kimber loves to go on adventures and rides well in the car.

Kimber does need 5ft fencing or electric fencing. He currently has both, so he could transition well to electric fencing. Kimber knows sit, and come but he will need some work with his remaining manners. A training class or two would be wonderful for Kimber. Kimber is housebroken and can be left free in the house without being destructive.

Kimber is located in Frederick, MD. If you are interested, please fill out and Adoption Application.


Henry is a handsome 8 year old male GSP, who is just a sweet and loving companion. Henry weighs approximately 55lbs. Unfortunately, Henry's previous owners had a new baby and Henry was feeling a little stressed with all the changes in the house. We would recommend a home with older for Henry.

Henry is a very mellow GSP. He is quite happy to spend time with his humans and enjoy his yard. He is house broken and crate trained, but he doesn't need to be left in a crate when no one is home. Henry is very well-mannered in the house!

Henry lives with a young female GSP and an older mixed breed dog. He gets along well with both of them. Henry rides well in the car and would be happy to accompany any new owners on their errands. Henry can get spooked by sudden or loud noises, but adjusts to new settings fairly quickly.

Henry is currently in Easton, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an adoption application.


Nellie is a 2 year old female GSP weighing about 45lbs. Nellie can be dog selective, so an only dog home would be best, if not she will need introduction to any dogs in the household. Nellie will be available once she is spayed, but we are currently accepting applications!

Nellie is great with the teen and pre-teen that live in her household. She is good in 4ft fencing, and is crate trained. She is about 90% house broken and getting better by the day. She rides  well in the car.

Nellie could use some training to help build confidence and neutrality walking by other dogs. Her leash work needs some improvement as well, but she does know sit, stay, and has a decent recall. So she has a decent foundation, just waiting for someone to build upon it!

Nellie is located in Washington, DC. If you are interested please fill out an adoption application.

Courtesy Posts
We now list dogs needing homes, but not through our program on out Petfinder page.  Please reach out to the contact listed in the dog's bio if you are interested! 


Java- Courtesy Post through HART

Java is a neutered 7 year old male GSP mix. This boy is impeccably trained both on and off leash! He is in need of a home without small kids. He knows Sit, down, stay, give paw and so much more.

He is perfection in the house. Housebroken and never destructive. Wonderful with people, even strangers. He is healthy and up to date on all vaccines. He is fine with most dogs and has been a star at doggie day care. True to his breed he is not good with small furry animals including cats.

Java loves the outdoors and being with his people. You put those two together and you have one happy dog. He loves going for long walks in woods where he can show you his pointing skills and get to smell all the smells.  If there is a creek or water nearby, he will happily cool off with a dip and for a quick drink. Java loves to play with his stuffed duck or pig toys.  His favorite is tug-of-war. He will also fetch the toys, although tug-of-war is by far his favorite game.  He usually likes to play it after dinner and then is happy to curl up near you for pets and neck scratches. 

Java knows the following commands and is very treat motivated.  Sit, stay, come,lay down, settle, crate, leave it, heal, paw, give (for his stuffed toys), find it (hide a treat in the house and have him use his nose to find it). He also knows to "wait" till his food is ready and wont go to start eating till given the "go ahead" command.  He is a smart dog and with patience and treats can definitely keep on learning!

Java is being fostered through HART Rescue in Virginia, if you are interested, please contact HART Here


Schatz - Adopted

Schatz is a 2 yr old male (bday April).  Schatz's owner unexpectedly passed away and he found himself in need of rescue. Schatz was a beloved pet and we want to honor his owner's love for him by finding him the perfect home!

Schatz is an energetic young GSP. He's very affectionate and will try to fit his whole body on top of you if you sit on the ground with him. You can tell he has had leash training and is pretty easy to walk. He knows how to play fetch, how to sit and knows the 'come' command, though they need be be consistent and reinforced. He is crate trained and housebroken.

He gets along really well with other dogs and respects boundaries when they're set. He isn't afraid of cars, bikes, strollers, scooters etc when he is on walks. He's a very curious dog and likes to watch what his humans are doing. 

Schatz is located in Upper Marlboro, MD. If he interests you, please fill out an Adoption Application.

Hons- Adopted

If you’re looking for a sweet, people-pleaser male GSP that is cuddly, smart and energetic, then Hons is the one you want! He is 6 years old, fully house trained and really loves pets and hugs. Hons, who is about 70 lbs, tall and very handsome with cute floppy ears, gets compliments wherever he goes!

He was turned in by his owner due to a change in their living circumstances, and Hons has quickly become comfortable with his foster’s family, including their dog. He is a complete velcro dog, happy to follow and lay with people or the other dog as they move around the house. He does have some separation anxiety but that is improving with time. He would do better in a home where folks are around more, or have other dog(s) to keep him company. He is not crate trained but is fine staying out in the house. He is curious about what’s on the counters, but stays off them and is good about knowing what are his toys and what is not.

He really loves to go on walks and run around the yard in general but is overall calmer than other GSPs. Hons is not a jumper so a 4 ft high fenced yard is fine. He rides very well in the car and gets excited to go along every time. He is a bit of a hunter, so best not to have a cat in the house. He is dog friendly and lives with a female GSP. Hons knows some basic commands and is smart and very motivated to please so is learning new ones quickly. He has just been neutered and is ready to be adopted into a loving home where he can be a close, sweet companion! 

Hons is being fostered in Marriottsville, MD. Please fill out the Adoption Application if he interests you!

Sadie- Adopted

Sadie is a 2 yr old spayed female GSP weighing 37 lbs.  She is house and crate trained, fully utd on vaccines and microchipped.

This little girl is from a shelter in SW VA.  She is sweet as can be, playful and spunky.  Sadie is doing well with her leash walking and walks several times a day.  She is all nose on her walks and needs to continue her leash training.  Someone who understands that leash walking is on your terms and not hers would be beneficial. Her foster dad says she is the smartest pup he has ever had.

Sadie likes car rides and often visits the folks at Lowes.  She has a high prey drive for critters, so a non cat home is required.  She currently sleeps in her crate, but her crate presently has to be in a room with a person, otherwise she will whine and bark.  Teaching her to sleep on a dog bed at night might be a good alternative for her.  She will cry in her crate when left alone, so an apartment is probably not a fit for her.

Sadie currently lives with two pre-teens and loves them to pieces. She is quite happy to snuggle and follow them wherever they go!

If you think you might be interested in Sadie, please fill out the Adoption Application.  Sadie is being fostered in Washington, DC.

Pearl- Adopted

Pearl is a 7 year old female GSP mix. Pearl is a retired hunting dog that is no longer interested in hunting and prefers to spend her time lounging in the house with her humans.  She is the definition of sweetness, this girl loves all people and other animals.

She can be shy at first but warms up quickly, so we think a calmer household would be best for her. She is medium energy and is quite content to patrol the yard or go for a walk on the trails.  So if you are looking for a Pointer that isn't crazy hyper and doesn't wear you out, she is your girl.

Pearl has mastered the use of the doggy door to let herself in and out.  She is housebroken.   Pearl is a very sweet dog.  She wags her tail for everyone she meets.  She has quickly learned where her home is and seems comfortable.  Quite adaptable.  She absolutely loves sleeping away the day either in her kennel or on her big dog bed.  

Pearl is being fostered in Norfolk, VA. If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Application.

Patch - adopted

Patch is a sweet senior weighing 65lbs. Patch's dad has volunteered to help with medical aid in Ukraine and Patch needs a new home. When we say this boy is an angel, we mean he is a total love!

Patch has had a complete vet check up and he is perfectly healthy, with just regular old age pains. He is a very chill companion and does bond quickly and fiercely with his owners. He is dog friendly and currently shares a home with two other male shorthairs.

He is good in 4ft fencing, and can be left free in the house when no one is home. However, he loves people and is the quintessential velcro baby.

Patch is currently in the Richmond, VA area. If you are interested, please fill out an Adoption Application.

Chili - adopted

Chili is an 18 month old spayed female GSP weighing 50 lbs.  She is house and crate trained.  Chili has found herself living in a studio apartment that her Dad doesn't feel is sufficient for her.  He would like her to have a yard of her own.  Her owner has had her since she was 8 weeks old.

She is an energetic girl who needs more interaction than her current owner can presently give her.  She "loves" blankets, and snuggling up.  She likes to watch birds and squirrels and watches them out the window.

Chili used to go to doggie daycare and enjoyed that.  She would come home tired and would rest for her next adventure.

Chili is a very sweet dog.  She is located in Alexandria, VA.  Pls fill out our Application above if this sweet girl interests you.